Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Because 3 was too easy...

I know I haven't posted in forever but things have been busy. We found out about a month ago that we are expecting our 4th baby. So I have been searching the internet furiously looking for old wives tales to test out. Of course, I'm still holding out hope my hair line gender predictor holds true for us. :) But I've found some interesting one's that I just may have to try out and post the results on. But I'll list a couple I hope to be able to test out this pregnancy. 

Ramzi's Method: 

The first one would be Ramzi's Method. Though I'm not sure I'll be able to try test this one out. The use of this method yields a gender prediction of 97.2% for male with right-sided chorionic villi/placenta and 97.5% for female with left sided chorionic villi/placenta. This method is highly effective, as the closest method available is the sagital sign from 11 to 14 gestation. 

Here is the link to the information on Ramzi's Method.

The nub theory: 

The nub theory is basically about 'the angle of the dangle'. Between 11 and 14 weeks' gestation both genders have a penis-like protuberance between the legs. They look incredibly similar at this point, except for the angle at which they are pointing. Sometimes there are males and females at this stage which are in the 'grey area', but essentially a boy's 'dangle' is 30 degrees up relative to the backbone and a girl's is below 30 degrees.

In order to be able to have any chance of predicting the gender, the foetus must not be curled up- they need to be lying as flat as possible. Also, it must be side on and apparently, it is better if the foetus is right side up.

Here is their website, however it's been down for several days.

For now we will wait and see what happens but I need to get the kids homeschool started. If anyone is able to test these out let me know the results.