Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hair Line Gender Predictor

  Some will say this doesn't work. But so far I haven't found anyone that can disprove this. Remember, it is strictly an old wives tale. Some hair lines are harder to read than others. But my boys so far have been correct. All my friends children's have proven it right as well. Keep in mind, this only really works if the children are from the same parents as their siblings. :) Enjoy!

Straight Across Hair Line- same gender next child.
Point or "Rat Tail" hair line- opposite gender.

Here are my boys....


         Zachary is my first born son, and his hair line is straight across... meaning... another boy...


Brennon is my 2nd son... which so far is true to the hair line gender predictor. His hair line is straight across... meaning... another boy....


Tripp has a point or rat tail hair line. Which mean... next baby should be a little girl. Not sure if I'll ever find out if this is true or not... (haven't decided if we will have another one)

Like I said before... I've tested this on pretty much all of my friends and family members, and all of them have proven this theory correct. Interested in seeing if I can find someone who can prove it wrong. :)

Here is Me. Mine is one of the one's that is kinda hard to tell because it doesn't go straight across but doesn't have JUST the one point. The key points to look at is the middle.. does the point come down longer than the other side points?  If so, it should be considered a point. :)

I also have a baby brother. :)


I proved this gender prediction wrong with the birth of my 4th beautiful son who based on the hair line should have been a girl. I assure you, he is 100% boy.