Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Thoughts

This blog may be all over the place. 
(As if others aren't...) 

I'm a ball of feelings/emotions today. 

I originally started blogging for these types of days. 
I needed a place to just write. 
Grammer didn't matter... spelling didn't matter... 
It was only about getting my thoughts swimming around in this sometimes crazy head out and onto paper. 

So here goes... 

I need to find time to study my Bible. 
I hate that I say "find time" like it's a job or something....
I would love a few moments in the morning before kids get up to be able to open my devotional up and  get a little closer to God. 
I don't drink coffee but my ideal setting would be 30 minutes sitting on the couch, curled up with my cup of Coke (cause I don't drink coffee) and getting a little personal time with My God. 
I often say I will get up early and do this... 
but like most mornings... kids wake ME up or the alarm clock does (after hitting snooze a few times) and I'm running around getting kids dressed, fed and off to school. 
Daycare kids get here and we begin playing. Babies go down for their naps and then it's Tripp's time for some mommy alone time. 
I fly through the house picking up a little before babies are back up from their naps and then it's time to get Brennon off the bus, cook lunch, feed babies, and back to playing. 
Afternoon naps come and it's time to give Brennon some mommy time... and then Zachary gets home... and my plan for a quite 30 minutes is gone. Before I know it, I'm giving baths, brushing teeth and tucking kids into bed. 

Maybe I could shoot for some nighttime study.... 
(If I can get Landry on a decent schedule)

Another thought?


I can't believe I'm once again sucked into this show. It's filthy... and nothing I need to subject my eyes or ears too... but it's just so darn good. 
The drama. The morals these women walk in with are thrown out the window 10 minutes into the house. Am I the only person who thinks about the fact that their parents WILL watch the show and will see how skanky they are acting? 

More randomness...

Must do something with this mess. 
99% of the time it's in a ball on the top of my head with an exercise band around the front to keep the strays in check. 
I don't exercise. 
I have wanted a body wave for years.... I got one about 3 years ago and it fell the next morning. I couldn't figure out why.. turns out I was pregnant and apparently, pregnancy hormones and perms don't go hand in hand. 
Who knew? 

I have the most awful cavity I need to get taken care of. I didn't have cavities until I was pregnant with Landry and threw up 15-30 times a day for 9 months. Now I have 4. 
Thank you Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
I need to get on making an appointment to get them taken care of before my teeth fall out. 


I've been tanning lately. It's been a nice distraction from reality. 
Those 10-15 minutes have been amazing! 
Except for the one time I laid 15 minutes and got burnt. 
THAT was not that great. 
I itched for days. 
No fun. 
Otherwise I have enjoyed it. 
And I like having legs that aren't so white they blind me as I'm getting dressed. 
I may just keep it up in the upcoming month. 

Can you guys tell I'm seriously working on my appearance? 
Didn't really realize it until now.

But I'm turning 30 this year...
And getting old kinda sucks.

I've got wrinkles. 

My boobs don't sit quite as high as they used too.
(Although I must admit, they aren't near as bad as I imagined after nursing for 3 years)

I'm falling apart it seems. 

I need Yoga. 

I was impressing my 6 year old yesterday by attempting a cartwheel and a ninja move following and mastered it. But totally felt dizzy afterwards. Had to sit down and take a break from all the unnecessary activity. 


If it wasn't for my gut disease... I'd be obese. 

Which brings me to my next random thought.

It's sitting in my house folded up in the guest room. 
I don't need to use it to loose weight. 
I'm pretty happy with my current weight.
(125 and a size 3 after 4 kids- yes, I'll take it) 

However... I have zero muscle. 

I'm weak. 

If you want to physically fight me... now's your time. 

I'd lose. 

I've been meaning to drop off paperwork to the local YMCA. 
I've been putting it off since Landry couldn't stay until 6 months (my rule-not theirs) 
but he's almost 9 months and I can't use that excuse anymore. 

So there ya have it. 

I'm out of time as the kids are growing tired of the toys I've placed in front of them and are trying to crawl over the keyboard into my lap. 

So off I go to tickle babies.. wrestle Iron Man and Captain America... and enjoy the precious moments I know I'll probably forget one day. 

Until next time my friends.....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why wont he sleep??????

If you are a friend of mine on facebook you know my many issues with Landry and his sleeping (or lack of sleeping) problems.

He's almost 9 months old (WOW! I can't believe he's already 9 months old!) And has only slept through the night twice. (Or more than a few hours at a time)

He screams all night. 

He was on prevacid as a newborn for Reflux.  

I thought I was going to resort to cursing at his former pediatrician who told me to put cereal in pumped breast milk when he was 3 weeks old for the reflux. 
After I explained to him that I would NOT be giving my 3 week old baby cereal because that caused more issues than just the reflux. 

First, he gets constipated due to the rice in the breast milk. 
We switch him to oatmeal for the constipation. 

Now we have too many frequent bowel movements which cause diaper rash. 

So we are using diaper rash cream. 

So we switch back to rice cereal. 
And we add in Karo Syrup. 

And as if all that mess isn't enough, my perfectly healthy (besides the reflux) baby is now obsese, completely off the charts in weight, and I'm being told he's too big. 

So we take him off the cereal. 

And he drops the weight. 

And then he is labeled "failure to thrive" by his doctor. 
(Because babies under 1 year shouldn't loose weight) 


We tried Zantac and then switched to Prevacid. 

He seemed to get better after a few months. 
So we took him off of it. 

But from the moment he was born he hasn't slept. 
He is a terrible sleeper. 

Last week his new pediatrician put him back on Prevacid. 
It's worth a shot. 
Maybe it would help him sleep. 

Um... NO. 
Side effects of Prevaid?

Sleep problems. Insomnia to be exact. 

For the past week Landry has been up even more than he is normally. 
He typically gets up every 2 hours during the night. 
He's now up every hour, but throughout the night stays up crying for hours upon hours. 
(Last night was midnight-5am) 

So why isn't he sleeping? 
It's not the reflux. 

Side effects of reflux? 
GI issues?
Something I'm eating? (Yes, I'm still nursing)

I can't imagine he's just THIS bad of a sleeper. 
Something has to be causing him to not be able to sleep. 

But what is it? 

I'm calling the pediatrician in the morning and asking for the referral to the GI specialist. 
I've mentioned it many times before so this time I believe I'll just flat out request it. 

I really hope that I can find out whats going on so that I can enjoy my sweet child. 
I'll be honest, right now it's difficult to really truly enjoy him. 

I'm tired. 
Short tempered. 
And a walking Zombie. 

Ready for some answers....

And sleep! 

Advice would be great. But I'll warn you... I don't believe telling a breastfeeding mama to give her baby formula to help them sleep is the answer. I have chosen to breast feed my children and I can't imagine giving him milk from a cow is better than milk from his mother. Sorry. I've done many elimination diets hoping I could find the culprit but so far nothing has worked. I'm also not going to let him cry for hours upon hours in a crib alone. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

He ate a cheese stick

He's allergic to milk protein. 

It was so bad he was put on NeoCate formula as a baby.

We had to check every label.

Every box.

He couldn't eat anywhere but at home.
It just wasn't safe.

We took food and snacks everywhere.

We avoided church because the nursery staff couldn't understand that milk protein was in everything.

And yesterday, he ate a whole cheese stick. 

And nothing happened. 

No hives.
No eczema.
No rash.
Not even a shade of pink over his whole body.

For the past 5 1/2 years we have avoided milk protein like it was the plague. 

Brennon once got ahold of a cookie and broke out in hives, swelling, and within a few minutes a full on asthma attack. 

It took 7.5ML of oral prednisolone, 7.5ML of benedryl, a breathing treatment and an entire tube of steroid cream for eczema he broke out in afterwards to "fix" him.

We have endured 2 week long hospital stays in The Children's Hospital for staph infections (MRSA) because he had scratched so badly he ripped his skin off and it got infected. At different points in his life his thin skin would just fall off his body. 
(Even with avoiding everything he was allergic too)

He's had a rough life. A life that was unfairly dealt to him.

But recently (over the course of a couple of years) we were told by his asthma and allergist to try giving Brennon very small amounts milk protein. We started with one day every 2 weeks. We started out with a piece of bread that contained milk in it's ingredients. 

Nothing happened except a little redness around his mouth and a bit of itching at the corners of his lips.

We did this for half a year or so and when we noticed he wasn't getting itchy around his mouth and we stopped seeing any redness we increased his intake. 

Eventually we were able to allow him foods with milk cooked in them on occasion. 

And then last night came. We had a gift card given to Josh and I from my wonderful grandmother Mema this past Christmas. We loaded the kids up and we headed to Applebee's. 

For our 2 for $20 meal we were given a free appetizer. 
Both Josh and I love cheese sticks so naturally we chose them. 

And with much hesitation but armed with all the medicine we needed just in case, we allowed a very eager Brennon 1 cheese stick. 

I watched in fear as my child devoured a single cheese stick. 

His first ever cheese stick.

And we waited. 

I searched his mouth over and over looking for any signs of a reaction. 

No hives.
No eczema.
No rash.
Not even a shade of pink over his whole body.

My heart sings a tune of pure bliss for this incredible milestone. 

I will be honest. I had just assumed that Brennon would have to battle this allergy his whole life. 

It broke my heart but I knew if any child could go through life with this, it was Brennon. 

As I write this, I think of the mama's who are currently having the same fear and hope that I had a few years ago. 

I give you hope. Hope that one day the children affected by severe food allergies will outgrow theirs like Brennon seems to have outgrown his. 

I know that Brennon's allergy is probably not completely gone. We are still giving small doses of milk to him until he is truly able to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 

But please keep faith that there are possibilities for your children too. 

It has been a prayer of mine for 5 years and as God promised me...

1 John 5:14-15
And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clutter, Anxiety, Oh My!

 Since about Thanksgiving I have been having a lot of anxiety.

I typically have a little anyway but nothing like what I am experiencing now a days.

I thought it was due to a ridiculous amount of germs invading my house. First Mono, then a stomach bug, then the flu (that was passed throughout all the kids and husband over the course of 3 weeks) then another stomach bug, pink eye, then sinus infections, croup and colds. 

Or maybe it's the now 2 very active 9 months old exploring my home and causing me to run in 50 different directions all day long? 

Or a better reason- the crazy wild 6 year old, 5 year old, & 3 year old forgetting what it means to clean up after you play with every toy you own. 

Or it could have been Thanksgiving and Christmas and our many trips to Georgia. 

But Sunday afternoon I got the call that my great grandfather had died. And we made a trip to Georgia for the funeral. We walked in the house yesterday evening and I realized immediately where my anxiety was coming from. 


Lots of clutter.

As I'm bringing in a tub of more stuff from my mom's basement wondering where to put it I began to notice that every surface of my house was covered in stuff. 

Not important stuff. 

Just junk.

I have a slight touch of OCD. I like things to be in order. Always. I like my counters cleaned off, the top of my fridge holding only a cookie jar and knife block. I loathe nicknacks. 

So today, totally embarrassed by the shape of my house, I am posting these before pictures (and eventually after pictures) of my cluttered areas
 (and some that are just down right disgusting) that desperately need help. 

This is in hopes that if I make the whole world see what kind of filth I'm living in that I'll feel obligated to actually clean and organize it. 

So here goes.... 

My kitchen bar. 

My now clean bar. (Those pictures need to be hung up but babies are sleeping) 

My bathroom shelf. Nothing is in the right basket. (and I must put the corner molding piece back on)  

Computer Desk. The lamp doesn't even work!! 
Cleaned desk area. Even fixed the lamp. :) 

My refrigerator. 

My clean refrigerator. 

My microwave. 
My clean microwave! 

My laundry room- aka "everything that doesn't have a place goes in here" room. :( No wonder I don't want to do laundry! 
Part 1 of our clean laundry room. I'll post another once I get all the linens washed/dried and put away.
Thick king bedding takes up A LOT of room!! 

Part 1 of our sunroom. The bench opens up to hold shoes, scarfs, hats, and gloves. 

Part 2 of our sunroom. The big box, lamp, toddler bed and box spring need to go to Goodwill. (And has needed to go for about a month now....)
This is also our only true storage area. Behind the curtain really is organized... even though you can't tell right now. 

**I should add... no children (and no one besides Josh and I ever really go in the sunroom or laundry room. My babies are perfectly safe. Both doors are locked always***

Some more organizing I've been doing lately...

Bookcase #1
Bookcase #2- Now Clean
I didn't post the before because it was super blurry. But you get the idea. It was a mess. 

Bookcase #3

Of course, balancing life with 4 very active young boys and a sweet 9 month old daycare kid is hard. 
I want to still take cuddle times with Tripp while the babies are taking their morning nap and Brennon and Zachary are still at school. We don't get those moments often so enjoying them is especially important to me. I don't want to replace board game time with the boys with cleaning out my refrigerator. I don't want to find that I'm rushing through homework with Zachary to dust my ceiling fans. So in tackling all these tasks I have to somehow find the time to do them all accomplished without making my family feel like my to-do list is more important than they are. 

So wish me luck in my quest to de-clutter this home and keep my family from feeling neglected while it all gets done. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hair Intervention Giveaway!! Winner has been picked!

I'm pretty confident every woman I know has at some point been a little too frugal and decided to cut, color, or perm their own hair at home. 

You go to Wal-Mart and excitingly pick up the $8.00 box of color. You get home, read the directions and slide on your plastic gloves. You do just as the box says. Word.for.word. 
And then you wait... for you beautiful brown locks to be transformed into this...

And 40 minutes later, after your hair has been processed, rinsed, and dried you look in the mirror. 

We all know the drill. 

You have just completely ruined your hair in hopes of saving a few bucks. And now you are sitting in the salon (where you should have gone to begin with) with bright orange roots and brittle hair begging the professional to save your hair regardless of costs. 

As tears are flowing down your face while you sit in the blower waiting for your hair to magically spring back to life with the 4th round of conditioning treatment and toner you happen to see what your cheap butt could have bought. (and probably saved a whole lotta time and money too!) 

(Actual photo of hair done by Southern Glam Hair Boutique) 

Yes, the most beautiful locks of hair you've ever seen. Long, beautiful, perfectly colored hair. 

This is the reality for most of us at some point in our lives. 

I'm super stoked about the giveaway that was my inspiration for this blog entry! 

Southern Glam Hair Boutique is giving away a shampoo, cut, and style in this weeks giveaway! 
That means 1 person in the Habersham Area wont have to wear a hat to the salon after a hair style gone wrong!
Jamie Faulkner
Lindsey Nash 

Entering is easy. 

1. "Like" Southern Glam Hair Boutique on facebook. 
(I've made it super easy by linking the page below) 

2. Be a follower of this blog.
Simply hit the button that says "Join This Site"

3. Enter below using the Rafflecopter. 

Pretty Simple. 

Who wouldn't want to be spoiled with a hair intervention by an incredible hair stylist? 

Hurry and Enter! 
Contest ends Wednesday January 23rd, 2012!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
(Must have 20 entries for contest to be valid)

A huge thanks to everyone who entered.

Winner is Jessie Smith!

Jessie, please check your email for details on claiming your prize!!
I'm hoping to have more prizes like this to all my sweet Ga followers so keep checking facebook or blog for more chances to win! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ribbon Sculpture Bow Giveaway!

I am very excited to announce my first ever blog giveaway.

As some of you know, I am a mama of 4 boys. I don't get to buy pretty dresses,
glitter covered shoes, hair bows, or anything that screams "I've got a girl!!".

However, I look constantly for my 2 incredible nieces.
I came across Handmade Hair Bows By Marsha on facebook and fell in love.
Not only does she make the most insanely cute daisy bows, bottle cap bows, and flower hair clips but she makes adorable ribbon sculpture bows. Never heard of them? Neither had I.

But you are in luck!

Today, starting at 12:00 noon (EST) I will be giving away (2) of these bows just in time for Valentine's Day!

All you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win these beautiful bows! 
In order to qualify you need to follow this blog, comment, and like Handmade Bows by Marsha on facebook! 

You can get a jump start by "liking" Handmade Hair Bows by Marsha on facebook by following this link 

Giveaway ends next Wednesday January 16th! 


Congratulations Andrea! You have 48 hours to claim this prize! 
Email has been sent. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Must have 20 entries for the giveaway to be valid) 

Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Hobby

I have said before I wont be setting resolutions this year. 

However, I do want to start a new hobby. 

Okay, really I've been wanting to start a new hobby but Thanksgiving came, then the flu, then Christmas so my search for a new hobby was put on the back burner. 

Until now. Call it whatever but the first of the year brought an increased desire to do something out of my box. I typically have a problem with wanting to do everything and getting tired out quickly with all the ideas swarming in my head. 

This year was not much different. I wanted to paint the boys bunk bed bright green, or perhaps bright blue... I wanted to make their room flow better as well. (Which I still totally plan on doing soon) 
But my main desire is to cook. 

Because we are an egg free, milk protein free, peanut free, mustard free home I have always felt somewhat limited on our meals. We have stuck to the same meal plan for the past 6-7 years. No one seems to mind the boring same ol' same ol'. 

But this was before pinterest. 

Now it seems as though I don't have to search all over the world wide web to find different recipes that are safe for us. 

Yes, I realize I'm behind on the pinterest fab. But I've been swamped people. I've pinned a few things here and there but never followed through with most of them.

But that was before I saw a simple recipe for crock pot chili and crock pot chicken & dumplings. 
Did I mention crock pot parmasen chicken?

Picture and recipe provided by crock pot chicken and dumpling

I should have noted I am in love with my crock pot. With 4 kids (plus my daycare babies) a crock pot is like the needle to a heroin addict. 

And so my new found hobby begins. I woke up at 5am to start my crock pot chicken and dumplings. I started cooking sausage and biscuits for the boys first day back at school after Christmas break. 
And by 6am had started a load of laundry. 

This whole cooking thing has made me feel like a bona fide home maker. 

And so far... I'm enjoying it. :) 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stress Free Saving Plan...

How many times do you start to feel summer approaching and wish you would have saved some of that tax money for a few days with your toes in the sand?? 

I am raising my hands with you. 

This year should be the last year you have that feeling. I'm about to tell you the easiest way to save for that dream vacation...

Makes for a great Christmas account too. If you start saving in November you will have just over $1000 to spend next November at the Black Friday Sales. :) 

Here you go people. 

Get started saving. 

And you're welcome!