Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why going to church is important to me

"Going to church doesn't make you anymore a Christian 
than going to a garage makes you a car."

I have used this quote (and other quotes like it) more often than I'd like to admit. 

Truth be told, it's very true. 

However, going to church is still important. 
To me anyway.

Sunday comes. 
I get up and get my family of 6 ready- which is not an easy task.
With a large family (especially with young children) it's always a battle. 
Zachary doesn't want to go because he'd rather play video games.
Brennon doesn't want to wear that really cute pink polo I bought because he looks adorable in it.
Tripp wants to go but he doesn't know what shoes to wear.
And Landry could care less as long as he gets a nap on his normal 10am schedule, which happens to be as we are loading the car to leave. 
Josh can't find the match to his black socks and I can't find the earrings I wanted to wear with the dress that took 5 hours the night before picking out. 

After what seems like all morning getting everyone in chime with clothing we are out the door. 

We make it to church late, as normal. 
But as soon as you walk in you are immediately hit with God's spirit. 
You sing praises to Him. 
You feel thankful you battled through that mornings storm and are here to feel it.
You listen, learn and soak in all that God was intending you to hear that Sunday.

And when the service is over, you feel empowered. 
You can tackle the world with God's help. 

Sunday afternoon is wonderful. 
Sunday evening is even better.

And them Monday comes. 

You still feel empowered. 
You are kinder to your children. 
You are more patient with your husband. 
You call friends and tell them what a blessing you experienced the day before during church and how you felt like God wanted you to hear THAT exact message.

Monday goes by pretty good.

And then Tuesday comes. 
You are still empowered but just a little less confident as before.
The moon is full and causing your children to act like wild monkeys and your patience is starting to wear thin. 
You say a quick prayer that God can get you through this day. 

And He does, but not without a little bit of yelling at the kids and sharp death stares at your husband. 

And then Wednesday comes. 

You wake up to complete chaos. 
The baby didn't sleep well that night so you are dragging. 
You are out of orange juice, which happens to be the ONE drink your children HAVE to have in the mornings in order to function. 
Total meltdown from half the family members occur before 9am and you are pretty sure this is the worst day ever. 
You half heartedly throw a prayer out asking for some patience because if you asked for strength you may kill someone. 
The day Drrraaagggsss on not getting any better.
Instead it gets worse. 

Thursday comes. 
The only good part of this day happens to be that it's payday. 
Everything else on this day falls apart before you even have a chance to touch it. 
No prayers are sent up today.. not even half hearted ones. 
You just want the day to end. 

You are spent. 

Friday comes.
You feel so far away from God today it's not even funny. 
You question how in the world your week started off so good yet is ending so badly. 
The day goes by with a lot of tears from children and maybe even some tears shed from you as well.

Then Saturday comes. 

You are thankful it's the weekend and you have help from your husband. 
But this day is filled with deep cleaning of the house, grass cutting, and all the things you couldn't possibly tackle during your crazy week. 
Before you can bat an eye the day is gone. 

And then Sunday comes again. 
And it starts back over. 

Going to church is important to me because by Saturday I feel about as far away from God as I possibly can. 
I NEED to feel His spirit. 
I NEED to feel His love.
I NEED to feel His forgiveness.

As my walk with Jesus gets stronger I know finding God throughout the week will come easier. But I'm a struggling child of Christ who needs to be reminded many times a week that God is still with me... even during what seems like the worst storm ever. 

I've been blessed recently with an awesome Friday night Bible Study. 
I have to admit after missing several weeks of it I am feeling just a tad bit further away from where I should be. 

I'm thankful I found a church that my children love (even if they cry immediately when we leave them)
and even more thankful for the people we have met. 

Through some of those people I have found a desire to be closer to God. 
A desire to show my children that going to church is fun.
A desire to bring my marriage closer and have found a constant reminder that through all the craziness my life may bring it can be joyful as long as everything I do brings joy to God. 

I'd say while the quote "Going to church doesn't make you any more of a Christian than going to a garage makes you a car." may have some truth in it... 
Going to church does help remind you of all the fun and joy being a child of Christ can bring if you allow it.