Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bachelorette Party!

I spent Saturday in Ga last weekend. While visiting my mom I was able to dig through old pictures... and a found a set that made me laugh. Not just a giggle... but a full on belly laugh! 

Let me explain...

Years ago I threw a bachelorette party for my sister Alicia. I had big dreams for this party. 
We would surprise her with dinner at Red Lobster and ride in a limo back to our mom's house to open some gifts. It was going to be a smaller party since Alicia is quite the opposite of myself... very shy and wanted nothing to do with any sort of a party.

I had a hard time finding a limo since the party happen to fall on Prom. So I asked friends if they knew of anyone that had a limo. Someone suggested the funeral home. They explained that they used them to transfer family to and from the funerals. It wasn't like anyone dead had actually taken a ride in them... I was game.

I called up the funeral home and presented my unusual request. For a pretty darn cheap price they agreed with my plan.

The scene was set. April (Alicia's future sister in law) was going to take Alicia to Red Lobster to dinner where some of her friends and family were waiting in secret. We had arranged for boyfriends to come pick up our cars while we ate so we didn't have to leave them in Gainesville.
Arranging Pickup of the vehicles.

Alicia walks in...


April enjoying some sweet tea...

We chatted, ate, and had a blast. We secretly gave keys to boyfriends and waited anxiously for dinner to be done. The time finally came... we all finished, paid and walked outside.

And the moment we have all been waiting for....

Picture this.

Prom weekend. 4 beautiful limo's parked outside the restaurant. Alicia wondering what was going on as her car was now missing. We looked around wondering which limo was ours. Parked behind a white limo stood a man holding a sign that read "Alicia". Beside him was our limo.

Yes, this was her. 
Our Limo. 

I can't remember who started laughing first. I assure you it wasn't Alicia. I'm pretty sure she was mortified. 

We didn't really have a choice but to ride back to Habersham in this "limo". All our vehicles were already back home. So we piled in. 

The bride... 

April and Stephanie not really knowing what reaction to have....

The first few minutes were spent in silence. Eventually I asked the driver to turn on some rap music. He so happily obliged. So here we were, driving through Gainesville and onto 365 in a funeral hearse listening to "Lil Jon". 

I was sitting in the front. I hear a lot of giggles coming from the back-backseat and turn around to find our cousin Ashley quietly pretending to cry holding a tissue she found in the pocket of the seat in front of her. I can not hold in the laughter. I am crying laughing so hard. And soon, everyone joins me. We did this the entire ride home, only stopping to explain to our mom and grandmother why we wouldn't be stopping by their place to show off our ride.

We finally made it back to our mom's house and ended the party with lots of dirty outfits for the wedding night...

It may not have been exactly what Alicia expected as her Bachelor party but by George it was awesome!

Ah... memories.......

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best Friends...

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

I've been blessed with a lot of friends in my life. Some have moved away, some friends have allowed differences to let our friendship slowly drifted apart. Some I have chosen to let differences separate us. But I've been pretty lucky to have Jessa in my life for about 6 years now. Sure, we disagree. But she's my best friend and nothing in life is so bad that we decide to move on from one another permanently. 

She made a trip to South Carolina to visit on Monday. Her boys and Lilly came up with her. We had SOOO much fun. 

The kids were so excited they could ride bikes in the house. Here is Lilly testing out the bigger bike. 

Some of the boys playing in Brennon's room. 

Some more playing nintendo in Zachary's room. (Don't mind the tubs next to the TV- we are slowly going through clothes and getting rid of stuff. These are my last two and since Monday they have been taken out and organized) 

Tripp playing in the living room. 

Landry chilling in the swing. 
Typical look from Tripp when the camera comes out. 

Having a blast! 

Cute boys. 
Me and Lilly. Yes, I realize my roots look terrible. I haven't decided if I want to go dark chocolate brown or blonde again... so I'm waiting to get it colored- another blog entry I'm sure)

Jessa with Landry. He ended up pooping on her. lol

Before Jessa got a hold of these beasts...
And after..... so pretty. 

Both our pretty toes. :) 

Once they found the Ipad... it was all over. They didn't move again. 

Brennon found the pool float. 

Jessa and Brennon. 

The kids were fighting before lunch and Jessa snapped a quick photo of me getting onto them. Thanks Jessa. Parenting in action. lol

We walked down to the bridge and snapped some photos next to the waterfall. It was so hot! In some photos you can see the sweat on the kids. The did have fun though. :) 

Me and Landry walking back from picture taking... He did fabulous considering it was hot and he was hungry. 

We caught Zachary and Lilly holding hands after everyone else had stopped. Sweet kids.