Friday, February 20, 2015

My journey with Rodan & Fields- Review

*** NOTE***
** I do not sell this product nor during the first week have any opinion of it. (Actually, I was pretty confident it wouldn't work) **

Most of my readers and followers know my journey with ezcema and how bad we deal with it for pretty much all our kids. 

It's bad. 

Like... REALLY bad. 

So when I was approached by someone selling it I started googling. It sounded like something I might try but I was a little hesitant at spending that much money on something that may or may not work for my kids. I also had to take into consideration that my kids break out to things that typical kids wont react to. 

 And this is where my journey starts.. I'm going to blog as I try this product that is probably flooding your facebook newsfeed like it is mine. I'll post daily pictures of this journey... a journey I'm taking with 3 different kids - 3 different skin issues. All whom have ezcema but different stages of sensitivity and severity. 


This is Brennon. My spunky 7 year old who has had a long road with severe ezcema. He has spent weeks in the children's hospital for skin infections and daily he normally will use 2 different type of steroid creams (prescriptions)  in addition to the over the counter creams. (Usually Nivea) Our typical day with Brennon's skin is lotion twice a day during a non flare up and 3-4 times a day during a flare up. Winter months are especially hard on his skin. 

Before: TRIPP
He was trying to give me a creepy picture. He succeeded.

This is Tripp. My little spiderman.

He is 5 and deals with mostly ezcema in the winter months. Dry air is NOT his friend. Our typical skin regime with Tripp is lotion 3 times a day during the winter months. 1-2 steroid creams (prescriptions) and over the counter creams. (Usually Nivea). Spring, Summer and fall months are Nivea cream before bed. 


This is Landry. Poor baby has it bad. His skin is almost always broke out. Food allergies and outside allergies make it worse. Dry air is tough on him as well. His feet and face are most effected by ezcema. I'm most excited to see if this works on him. He's super sensitive to creams and lotions and screams when we apply any to his skin. He typically uses a prescription steroid cream twice a day if not more, as well as over the counter creams multiple times a day. We wash Landry in Hibiclens to keep him from getting bacteria under his skin due to having so many open areas exposed at all times. Even with these steps, he has been on antibiotics about 8 times in 2014 due to bacteria, including MRSA, setting up infection in his open wounds.

DAY 1:

I started this in the evening because UPS brought my package later in the day.
I bathed all the boys and used the wash instead of soap or Hibiclens. To be honest I was a bit nervous since Landry has a lot of broken areas on his skin. The "soap" actually is soft like a lotion. But I didn't feel like I used a lot considering how much body I was covering. This bottle is much bigger than the creams.

After bathing each child I applied the step 2 and step 3 as directed. Normally my kids scream with their creams because most contain alcohol. The only time any kid cried was on those few places they had scratched open today. Overall, that part was a much better experience for us all.

I did notice immediately after applying the 3rd step (2nd step after washing) Landry's face, hands and feet didn't appear as red and inflamed as they normally do.

Their skin felt very soft. I compare it to Elidel but for those who aren't familiar with this prescription cream I would compare it to Satin Hands by Mary Kay. Of course, without the exfoliating that is required for Satin Hands.

Kids haven't complained nor broken out several hours after wash or time creams were applied.

The lotions do have a scent to them. I can't place my finger on exactly what I'm smelling. I'll update that once I've used it a few times and can pinpoint what I smell.

I was a bit concerned that step #2 contains 2.9% of Dimethicone. Typically, this will dry the skin out... Dimethicone is actually found in most shampoo's and soaps which is why my children have to use sensitive skin shampoo's and soaps. However step #3 (Replenishing Cream) while still has Dimethicone in it does contain Pentylene Glycol in it, which is a skin conditioning agent.

Overall, I'm giving this Soothe another day to see how things go. In my eczema journey I realize that aside from a strong steroid shot to the butt or a constant drip of oral steroids in an IV, nothing major typically happens overnight.

I'll update tomorrow regarding day 2.

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DAY 2:

I stopped all my normal skin routines to get the full effect of this product. They have not received any steroid creams or middle of the day creams. I did notice Landry's face became a tad bit dry around 6pm but it was about the time I would do the 2nd treatment for the day.

Sorry for the delay in adding day 2 notes. I'd try posting a few times and the power would go off. After 7 or 8 times I gave up.

Day 2 was pretty good.

(I do have pictures of Landry but not of Tripp or Brennon because they hate the camera with a passion. I'll get a few in a few days)


Landry woke up with hardly any redness to his skin. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but he didn't scratch at all last night. (normally we deal with him scratching his feet enough to make them bleed while he sleeps.)
His face was still a bit red around his chin area but looked good. Definitely not his normal.
He didn't scratch much throughout the day.
Overall I was impressed.


Tripp's main issue is his face. Day 2 wasn't much of an improvement except his area around his mouth didn't look quite as angry. I did put Neosporin on his cut tonight to help keep the infection down. We'll see how it goes.


Surprisingly Brennon looked the best this morning. His minor rash spots were almost gone and those areas that were broken open days ago look to be healing rather nicely. No redness at all from what I can see. Super impressed with the results on him.

Every product has a downside. Here's what I believe the Soothe's downside is...

Downside I've determined so far- Directions say to bathe twice a day. With 5 children and a husband who works, this just isn't possible for us. I'm giving it all I have to see how this works with following directions but I'm sure there are going to be days when the 2 showers a day doesn't happen.

I'm giving it another day and we'll see how day 3 goes.

DAY 3: 

Day 3 went pretty good for the most part.

A few things both Josh and I noticed on day 3 was that all 3 boys' skin felt smoother even before shower, or creams.

Wash makes skin feel like it's been exfoliated using a really rough exfoliating cream. Something like Avon Mico-abrasion exfoliating cream.
(I'm trying to find something common that I've used that is pretty popular at some point so I apologize if my comparisons are products you've never used before)

Day 3 had zero tears from burning when applied which is awesome!

I do wish the wash was tearfree since they DO promote this product for kids but I'm picky so...

I am still washing every few days with Dove Sensitive Soap on the boys private parts and smellier areas but I haven't washed them with the Hibiclens since starting Soothe.


Brennon's doing well on day 3. Pictures are hard to tell but the more affected areas are almost gone! It's awesome!


Tripp's face seems less red and doesn't scream "I HAVE ALLERGIES" which is awesome! 
The spot around his mouth is still there and hasn't changed too much. But I haven't seen him picking at it today so there's a plus! 

I did notice that around 4pm Tripp's face was dry. Normally I would add Neiva Cream on his face but since we aren't going anywhere today I'm holing off right now. 

Close up of dryness


(I didn't take any more of Landry this evening but I will grab some tomorrow)

Landry's face does appear dry around 3pm today. Still has another 3-4 hours before his nightly application but it doesn't seem to bother him much. Like Tripp, I would normally add Nevia cream but decided to wait it out to get the best results for Soothe. 

His feet look better but I can't see major change except the decrease in redness. I'll  be curious to see if a few more days helps them clear up. 9 times out of 10 it takes a strong steroid cream to clear those up. (And when we stop the steroids it almost always comes back) 

About an hour before our nightly application Landry did start picking at his feet. He managed to break open one small area before I got some socks on him but I do question how much of it is habit more than the fact that his skin may be really itching. When I asked him to stop scratching he did and hasn't touched his feet again... so there's really no telling on that one. 

Overall, Landry, Brennon, & Tripp seem less irritated with their skin. A common phrase in our home is "rub, not scratch!" but we haven't had to say that quite as often today. 

Excited to see how day 4 goes... 

DAY 4: 

So day 4 had a hiccup. 


I did everything by the books for Rodan and Fields but sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, or what you don't do- you just have "those" days. 

Today was one of them. 

Landry is a sneaky little guy who likes to sneak at his bed at night and help himself to whatever drink happens to be on the table. Some nights, it's not his. 
Normally that isn't an issue. Except occasionally his older brothers don't drink all their apple juice at dinner and are able to have some before bed. 
Problem with this is that Mr. Sneaky pants is allergic to apples. 

So some mornings I wake up to this...

And so we start over. 

Sadly, with a child like Landry you can't stop him from getting into things he shouldn't have unless the entire house is free of all his triggers. 
But that would require my house to be completely egg free, milk protein free, mustard free, peanut free, strawberry free, blueberry free, raspberry free, apple free and any other berry I happen to be missing in this list. 
With a family of 7, that's not possible. 

So we do our best to keep him away from the things he is allergic to but on rare occasions when I forget to wash out his brothers cups and replace them all with water- this happens. 

However- I did learn something because of this. 

I am keeping my routine with Rodan & Fields so I bathed Landry first thing this morning and washed him with the wash. I applied step 2 and step 3 just as I have the previous mornings. Except on this morning I realized I had not been using step #4 which is the sunscreen. 
In the beginning I didn't think it was a big deal because we have been snowed in for days upon days and we weren't really seeing much sunshine. But I happen to finish step 3 and grab the sunscreen. 
Turns out, it has Zinc Oxide in it. 
In case you aren't familiar with Zinc Oxide, let me tell you a little about it. 
It's awesome for kids with eczema and sensitive skin! 
Besides the fact that its one of the safest ingredients for protecting the skin from harmful effects of UV rays, it is also very effective for healing skin! 
Who knew?!?! 

Most people think Zinc Oxide when they think diaper rash cream. The reason for this is because it protects the skin. It doesn't dissolve when it comes in contact with water. Lets think about the face of an eczema covered face. I'm using it on an almost 3 year old who still slobbers and chews on things. I'm constantly wiping his face off and changing his skirt from spilled water out of his mouth. 
When I apply step #4 I am immediately helping his face from chapped from his own slobber and/or fluids being dripped out of his mouth. 

Other benefits are that zinc oxide actually heals open wounds and can reduce the tenderness of chapped skin. If you have acne, zinc oxide could be your best friend. Why you ask? Because when applied to the face it can also keep excess oils from forming on your face. 

I promise guys, I'm NOT selling this stuff. Just pointing out the perks of the sunscreen.

Anyway... I didn't even think about zinc oxide being a beneficial part of this treatment plan. I guess if the doctor who made it included it in the set, I should have probably paid closer attention to why. 
My bad. 

Regardless of my mistake before I did add it to our treatment this morning. 
Immediately Landry's skin looked less red and inflamed. He still has spots on his skin, mostly on his feet and face that are broke out but he does look WAY better after his bath than he did when he woke up this morning. 

I should add--- Landry almost always needs 5% steroid cream when this happens so I'm curious how day #5 goes without it. That will be a huge eye opener to me to see if this stuff really works. 
Step #2 does have steroids in it, but being it's not a presciption- it's got to be only 0.02%. That's WAY less than what he is used to. 


Not much change. Eczema seems to be almost completely gone but his skin does still appear to be dry in spots. 
**It does NOT however feel dry when you touch it. It feels VERY smooth.**


Face looks about the same. Maybe a little better. But I just started step #4 (sunscreen) this morning so that may have a huge difference in the coming days. 

Day 5: 

So... I'm a horrible review giver. We skipped a bath today. Only 1 bath. But to my defense. I have all 5 kids home from school (thank you Mother Nature for the massive amounts of snow and ice) 
and my morning/day was insane. 


I did however wipe Landry down with a washcloth and applied steps 2, 3, & 4. 

His skin looks okay. Still quite broke out. But again, it's not nearly as red and inflamed as yesterday. 

Honestly, I think that is the one thing I REALLY like about this stuff. 

If you have red skin for whatever reason- this stuff will be great for you! 

He did cry a little today when applying the creams to his feet but he scratched again last night. 

I put step #4 on 3 times today. The reason for this is because it snowed and we went out hours and hours after I applied it the 1st time. I wanted a nice thick covering so the moisture from the snow and water wouldn't irritate his skin.  We also have a little wind today and I knew that too would probably chap his face. Turns out, whether that is what I was supposed to do or not, it worked. His face didn't get quite as red as it had the previous day. 

I forgot detailed pictures of all the kids' skin today. Sorry guys!! I'll take new ones tomorrow morning. 


I think this stuff is gonna be great for Brennon. His skin looks AWESOME!!


Not much change on his face. I should have put an extra coat of the sunscreen (step #4) before taking him out but completely forgot. 
(Have YOU ever got 4 boys in snow suits and snow boots?!?! - I forgot him. Oops) 
I'll add it tomorrow though because I did notice his face get red and chapped. It didn't appear red and chapped when he got in the house though so maybe he just got cold? 

Besides the one place on his face, he looks awesome! 

I'm waiting to give my opinion on the product until I've used it for a solid week. So that will be coming up soon. 

Day 6: 


I'm posting part early because I'm actually REALLY excited. Ya know how I said Landry needs really strong steroids to clear his skin up? 

Well.... woke up to this. 

I totally didn't realize his picture from a couple of days ago was blurry. Sorry guys! 

Just in case your scroll button is messed up... here are the comparisons. 
These are taken before his bath. So 2 treatments in between pictures!! 


I'll post more updates for day 6 but I was too excited not to post these! 

Okay guys.. short quick update for day 6. I completely forgot to take more pictures of Brennon and Tripp because I was so excited about Landry's skin. 

Tomorrow... tomorrow I will take some. 

Tripp still seems the same. That same stinking spot on his mouth.. it just wont go away. To be fair, it's been there since about December. 

Brennon looks good except a small place on his foot he scratched open today... and his face still appears dry. But I mean... when you aren't broke out there isn't much update to give except "same as before". It's MUCH better than what we are used to dealing with. :) 

Day 7: 


I know it gets old hearing nothing but "He's doing great!" but seriously... he's doing great! His skin still appears dry between treatments but otherwise it's controlling his eczema quite well! 


Tripp's mouth is still broke out. Out of habit he picks at it and it wont ever heal! I think I'm going to have to start putting neosporin on it and see if I can't get it cleared up. 
Otherwise he's doing great! 


Landry has done fabulous so far! His skin, like Brennon's, appears dry but the breakouts aren't nearly as bad as before! 

Day 8: 


 Landry has a few places that have popped up here and there but seems overall much better compared to his normal breakouts. His feet are dry and he still scratches them often but if you have a child with severe eczema you know that sometimes the scratching is habit, other times it's because it really does itch. And then sometimes he starts scratching out of habit and then it causes it to itch. It's a vicious cycle. But it's been 8 days since I have applied steroids to his skin. That alone screams the results more than any picture I could ever post. 

Day 9: 


I completely forgot to put the cream on Brennon before bed last night. We had a birthday party for the kids baby sister and by the time I tucked them into bed I was exhausted and completely forgot I didn't cream them up. He woke up this morning with a few dry patches on his face and neck. His skin overall looks great except for those dry places. Honestly, I image tomorrow he'll look back to normal after today's treatment. 


I also skipped creams last night with Tripp. He looks the same though. No dry patches and still the same mark on his mouth. 

**Same kid as before. He got gum in his beautiful locks and we had to shave his head. :(*** 


Like his brothers, Landry didn't get creamed up last night either. It's so strange to me that I forgot his creams because for almost 3 years now it has been a nightly routine to apply 3 different creams to his skin before bed. It's a 30 minute routine. Even on my biggest of days I almost never forgot. But Rodan and Fields is so easy and it takes less than 5 minutes to apply that I didn't realize how much easier it's made our bedtime cream routine. 
He did wake up with quite a few dry spots on his face and stomach. I took some pictures of him playing outside today and as you can see from the pictures he's pretty dang clear compared to the previous pictures I have posted. 


I said that I would make my opinion on day 7 so here goes... a day late. 

So far I feel like Rodan and Fields is worth the money spent. Especially those that deal with redness, or eczema. To be honest, it's probably one of the best creams I've ever used on the kids. It not only helps clear eczema up, but it keeps the skin clear. 
The only downside I have with it is the time spent on achieving the results. My life is crazy. Bathing kids twice a day is tough. I've missed a few days bathing them twice and while I've not noticed a huge difference as long as I apply steps 2 & 3, I do see even better results with the extra bath and wash. 
And for my kids, who keep in mind have ridiculously dry skin, it doesn't appear to moisturize as well as I'd hope. With that being said, I was spending a ton each month on creams and lotions and exposing my children to high doses of both oral steroids and topical steroids. 
I feed my kids organic meats, and organic fruits and veggies (those on the dirty dozen list anyway) to protect them as much as possible from unnecessary steroids. If I can spend the same amount of even a little more on a cream that clears their skin up that also doesn't contain high doses of steroids in them, well.. I'm gonna do it. I honestly didn't think I would say this (evident by the fact that I paid extra to not be put on the preferred customer list) but... It works. And it's worth it. 

I hope this blog has helped you in determining if Rodan and Fields is worth it for your family. 
And thank you for following along on this journey with me. 

If by chance you need the link to check more into Rodan and Fields you can click here to order or get more detailed information about it. 

***** ADDED NOTE 4/2/15******

Landry ended up with an infection of the skin due to one little place being scratched open. If you have kids with severe eczema like mine you know that they are more susceptible to infections of the skin. He went on an antibiotic and was put on an oral steroid. I took Landry off the Rodan & Fields during this time because oral steroids work pretty well for the skin and I didn't want to "waste" my Rodan & Fields. It took 3 days for me to see any improvement in his skin on the oral steroids. And after he finished it, like most kids with eczema, his skin flared right back up. He looked HORRIBLE. I immediately started him back on R&F. Overnight his skin looked 80% better. By day 2 (4 treatments) his skin looked 100% better. He didn't look that good after a 5 day course of strong oral steroids! 

After this I decided I wanted to sell Rodan & Fields. Sure, becoming a millionaire would be fabulous but I've dealt with eczema for 8 years. Along my journey I have met A LOT of other parents with the same struggle I have. How do I help my child? I want to sell this because it works. And I want other parents to see the results and try it so that their children (or themselves) can get relief too. 

I leave you with a recent picture of Landry. Who on Easter this year had so many compliments on how great his skin looked instead of our typical "poor baby" comments we have gotten every other year. 

Click below to find out why I took the challenge and how I justified the price.