Saturday, November 19, 2011

2nd Trimester!!!

I'm so excited about today. I am officially in my 2nd trimester!!
I've taken pictures of my belly each week and I've found myself comparing them to my previous pregnancy bellies. Looks about the same expect I'm more "rounder" this time around.
Here are my shots. 

I'm finally starting to have some relief from HG. I'm only sick about 5-7 times a day, which is awesome because I am able to finally keep some stuff down. I've gained 2lbs! I never thought I'd be so excited to gain weight but when you have lost 14lbs, 2lbs is HUGE! 

I wish I could write more, but everyone in this house is "sick". Josh had his wisdom teeth removed Thursday, and Brennon is having some issues with his asthma due to the weather changing so quickly. Tripp is whinny... and Zachary is a typical 5 year old. :) 

I'll post more when I can. 

Oh, and here is a belly shot from my 1st pregnancy at 14 weeks and the one I took this morning with Baby#4 at 14 weeks. About the same to me?