Friday, August 3, 2012

Things that make me happy

I often post blogs about things that irk me. 

Today I'm posting a blog about the things that make my heart dance.

In no particular order... (And definitely not everything) 

1. The way Zachary says "I've got an idea...." and makes up a ridiculous idea. 
(Example: How about I walk to Nana's house and you guys just come get me when you are ready." (Nana lives in Georgia- a good 2+ hour DRIVE) 

2. The time I spend with Landry while changing his diaper. I change his diaper and then tickle his belly and sing to him. It's kinda become our moment. Such sweetness.

3. The way the kids react when Josh comes home from work. Pure love for their daddy.

4. The way Josh slaps me on the butt while I'm doing dishes or cooking dinner.

5. The way the boys talk about their Nana like I don't know her. 

6. The way Tripp stops and gives out random kisses and hugs.

7. The way Brennon wants to snuggle up REALLY closely to me when we are on the couch.

8. The way all my boys tell me how beautiful I look daily.

9. The innocence in my children. I pray they keep it forever.

10. Looking at the boys while they sleep.

11. Calling up a friend when I'm upset and knowing I'll feel better when we finish talking.

12. Knowing my gut instincts will always be right.

13. The smell of Landry's sweat. (yes, I know this may be odd but I love it)

14. The smell of the kids when they first get out of the bath.

15. Dancing in the kitchen with children standing on my feet.

16. Floor play time with the kids.

17. Teaching the boys how to do something. Watching them learn something new in front of my eyes is amazing.

18. Christmas Morning.

19. Brennon's impressions of people.

20. Seeing an old friend who I haven't seen in forever.

21. Snuggling on the couch with Josh after a long week.

22. Grilling out.

23. Swimming.

24. Playing hide and seek in the house with the kids.

25. Redecorating the house.

26. Goodwill.

27. Finding a coupon for something I needed to buy anyway.

28. Farmers Market

29. My nieces Payson and Keira.

30. The smell of a new car.

That's just a quick list of the things that make me happy. :) This list could go on and on and on and on....