Thursday, May 30, 2013

Disappearing Act

Sorry for the disappearing act on my blog.

Life has been hectic lately. 

And to be honest, after my last blog entry my heart is playing a tug of war with what to write.
Everything seems so unimportant and extremely important nowadays. 
I know, confusing right?

It feels wrong to go on and on about how "normal" my life is when so many reading this blog will never experience "normal" again.

Life has been put into perspective for sure. 

So here I am... wondering what is important enough to write about.

I suppose the most recent would be we had our first bone break this week. 
No, it wasn't Tripp. 
I know, I'm just as surprised as the rest of you. 
It was Zachary. 

After 3+ years of living in Spartanburg I made a friend. We went over to her house to let the kids play while Josh helped her dad put together a wooden swing set. 

Zachary was playing on the trampoline and somehow managed to fall off onto the ground. 
Quick ER trip confirmed a break in his elbow. 

He got his cast this morning. 

Don't let this picture fool you... he wasn't too happy about having it on. 
His only complaint is that it is too heavy. 

Luckily for him he had just finished baseball. 

Speaking of baseball...

I'm so proud of our boys. Not just mine but the entire team. 
They made it all the way to the championship game. 
They didn't win the championship but they played hard and had fun. 
To me, they are all winners! 

Both Zachary and Brennon received trophy's which they LOVE. 

I feel the need to let everyone know thats not a bruise on my forehead, it's only a shadow

Landry turned 1!! 

Birthday morning doctor visit

I am amazed how big he is and how fast time flew by. 

He was sick on his birthday so we canceled his party and fixed him a homemade cake instead. 
He wasn't too interested. You can tell when you make it to the last picture showing the cake in the floor. 

I am trying so hard to hold onto the simplicity of making him happy right now. 
I've said before that he is a very high needs child... but you can give him a ball or a pencil (unsharpened and no eraser) and he's good for a solid 5 minutes. When those 5 minutes are up, give him a container of wipes and you have managed to keep him happy for 10 minutes. 

I know one day I'll write about how much I miss being able to give him a ball, pencil or container of wipes to keep him entertained while I load the dishwasher. 

A little blurry but seriously the best I could get. Can't keep this little man still enough for a picture anymore

School ends tomorrow.

I'm ready to fill the boys with a love for summertime with fishing, camping in the living room, roasting marshmallows and swimming. 

I love end of the year stuff because that means I can actually attempt something pinned on my pintrest board. 

My end of the year teacher gifts...
Inside the beach towel is a beach mat and carrying case. 

We are taking our first beach trip in 2 weeks. I'm not sure if Josh and I are just as excited as the boys or more. We plan to make it something they never forget! 

I'm sure you'll get an entire blog entry about that mess of fun. 

I guess it turns out, even the smallest of everyday life is pretty important to me.

If you read my last blog entry please keep praying for the Washington family. Every day will come and end and while our lives continue on as they normally would, theirs are a little harder to get through. They still needs prayers.