Monday, February 3, 2014

Operation Practice Patience

Okay... maybe I'm not patiently waiting but impatiently waiting. 

I don't know this little girl yet but I know a few things about her already.

I know she is going to be a night owl. 
I know she is going to be very awake and active between 8-10pm.
I know she doesn't like mama to eat meat. 
I know she's stubborn.

As my due date approaches I am left with a lot of emotions. 
I have always gone on my own with my boys between 36-38 weeks. 
I'm not used to being over 38 weeks and still not holding my sweet babies.
Yet here I sit. Waiting. 

If you know me you will know I am a very detailed person. I plan everything out. I have sticky notes and schedules. That is how my family runs. 
And as much as I want to "schedule" her arrival, she has other plans. 
I can put on the calendar the most perfect date for her to come and have that day pass by without a single contraction. (Trust me, I tried) 

So instead of "operation get baby out" I'm changing my plan to "operation practice patience". 

Because as much as I want her to come yesterday God has her birthday picked out and it's more perfect of a day than any I have marked on my calendar. 

She didn't come on groundhogs day. 
She didn't get to watch the superbowl.
She may not come it today, or tomorrow... 

But truth be told..

She'll be here for her daddy's birthday.
She'll be here for her cousins birthday party. 
She'll be here for Easter.
She'll be here for her brothers birthdays.
She'll be here soon enough. 

And I am going to enjoy this sweet baby bump because in a very short while I wont have it anymore. I will rejoice in every movement she makes because this may very well be the last few days or weeks I am able to experience what it feels like to have a child kick my ribs and keep the hiccups from the inside. It will be the last little bit I experience of being a mother to all boys. 

So many things are about to change in my life and for the past 2 weeks all I have dreamt about is all THOSE blessings instead of the blessings that are right in front of me. 

So today I will get off the treadmill and play a game of UNO with my 4 year old. 
I will spend more time in the play kitchen with my 21 month old instead of on the birthing ball.
And I will catch any snuggle I can with my husband and just enjoy being with him for this short little bit.