Thursday, January 20, 2011


This blog may be a bit random. A lot has gone on during this week and instead of posting a new blog for each obstacle I’ve made it through, I’m going to do one blog about them all.

This week has been a rough week. Usually the weeks that I am determined to get a lot accomplished and enjoy every minute of every day are the one’s that are less than enjoyable. On Tuesday Josh and I decided to find a gym. We are both getting fat and need to start exercising to keep the weight from packing on.  My step mom found a great deal on a pretty good gym about 20 minutes from the house. While the drive isn’t all to be desired, the gym itself is fairly good, and the child care is AMAZING. My boys had a blast and went to bed without a fight the first night we went. They never woke up during the night, and slept later than normal. Can’t beat that.

As we were running out the door to go to the gym, I let Tripp have part of his older brother cheese sandwich. He’s had dairy before, and he has had the bread before, so I figured it would be fine. He could eat it in the car. At least it would keep him quiet. (He hates the car) We didn’t make it far before we realized the car was making a terrible and unusual noise. We came back to the house, checked the oil, and all the other possibilities, praying for an easy fix. I’m not a car person (I’ll post my blinker fluid story later) so I decided against the 20-minute drive to the gym. Josh thought he would take the car back out and see if he could figure out the problem, so myself and the boys headed for the house.  By this time, it’s already dark outside. I get the kids inside and turn on the lights. Tripp’s face is swollen, covered in hives and I can barely see his little eyes. My heart sank to my stomach. I was really hoping and praying that he would not have the same food allergies as Brennon. Apparently, no one in this house can have milk!

We found out last night that our problem with the car is the transmission. I haven’t even got the tag for the car yet and it’s already broke! Geez. It’s still driving right now, but it’s a ticking time bomb. It WILL stop at some point. We are just hoping it holds out long enough for us to find something else. 2011 is not starting out on a great note. I think a lot of people would agree to start this year over already!!

I did manage to get my laundry room organized yesterday. I still need 2-3 more 30 gallon tubs to replace the trash bags of clothes, but it does look A LOT better in there. I’ll post pictures in a little bit. I took before and after pictures for comparison.