Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This too shall pass...

Let me start off by saying I hate winter. I dislike everything about it. I don't like being cold, I don't like the smell of the house when you first turn the heat on, I hate the heating bill, I hate the germs, I dislike the dry weather, I dislike the snow (okay, the first snow fall is not THAT bad, but after that one, I'm done with it.) I really hate the ice, and I hate the hermit crabs my family will have to become during the winter months.

We have been fortunate this winter as no one has been sick. We have had one ear infection from the baby, and that's it. Nothing major at all. Definitely counting my blessings and thanking God for the good health during what is normally an awful time of year for us. However, I am not sure if I stopped praying about this, or what, but our house is now deemed a disaster zone. Josh is bedridden for hopefully just the day. It is day #2 of feeling like he is dying. Zachary has an awful cough. Tripp is cutting teeth. I realize cutting teeth is not "sick" but the whining is making ME sick. Brennon, who is normally our really sick child, is healthy and happy. He is the only one sleeping worth anything. His skin is doing great. He isn't too whinny. I really can't complain about him at all. Not on this blog anyway. :)

I'm not sure why men are such babies when they get sick. Josh has moaned around the house whining about his throat hurting, his head hurting and everything on his body aching. I've laid every medicine that he could possibly need out so that whatever is hurting, he can take a couple of pills, and it will be gone. Does he? No. They sit there until I stop doing whatever it is I'm doing to take them to him. Like I don't have other things to do. My bedroom now smells like Vicks Vapor Rub, I'm washing sheets every day, and  if I pick up one more tissue around this house I may just check myself into the Nut House.

Can someone tell me the fascination with the cabinets in the kitchen? Apparently my children find these very thrilling and are unable to avoid them. I re-organized my lower cabinets (because the children re-organized them first) and within a day they had once again been re-organized by a certain toddler. I don't get it. I'm just throwing in there now, and figuring Tripp will put things where he wants them later that day! My OCD is being tested.

This may be a bit random... sorry!

My beloved "new to me" car that I have had less than 3 weeks is about to die. I dislike transmissions. Why are they so expensive to fix? Someone should really look into building and placing a transmission so that it's easier to fix!! I'm saving and driving it praying I can save enough money up to buy another one before this one bites the dust.

Since I've mentioned a lot of things I dislike in this blog, I'll name a few things that I love.

I LOVE GEORGIA. And I am making a trip "home" in 2 weeks for my brother and sister in law's baby shower that myself and my sister are hosting. Super excited!
Speaking of sisters. I LOVE my sister Alicia. I am awed at her patience. I envy it. Her attitude throughout her adoption journey has been amazing to me. I can't wait until they are able to bring their baby home! She has a website for their adoption journey, please add them and pass the word along!


A few more of my loves...

Sweet Tea
A Clean Car
Sleeping Babies
Hot Showers
New Underwear
Turkey Wraps
Twix Bars

(Can you tell I'm hungry while writing this?)

sorry for the most random blog ever!