Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Flare Up....

Some of my readers know about my son Brennon who is 3 and has severe eczema. Since moving to South Carolina, we managed to find an incredible asthma and allergist who has changed Brennon’s life completely. His name is Dr. Lagos and if you ever need one in the Spartanburg SC area, go see him. I can’t say anything bad about him at all. He is pretty much a God’s sent to our family. He changed Brennon’s medicines around and put him on a few additional prescriptions that will control his allergies better. So far he has done great. Earlier this week, Brennon started to have more episodes of itching.  He would scratch and scratch until he made himself bleed in places. We don’t change anything in this house. Nothing new cleaning wise, will never change laundry detergent, and stick to foods we know are safe for him. Yet, last night his itching resulted in the top layer of skin on both feet to be completely taken off. (I should add that Brennon has a hyper IgE level which will make it appear that he is allergic to things that he really isn’t allergic to. We really have no idea if this is related to his hyper IgE or something environmental.) My heart breaks for him. I know he can’t help it, and I know he has no idea what he is doing to himself. I only wish I could take that itch away from him so that he doesn’t have to hurt himself to get relief. We have changed his medicine’s once again and added an extra dose on the miracle “itch” relief. I am hoping that gives him some relief both during the day and at night. I’ll be starting the Clorox bath’s back today to rid off infection of the skin. To date we have had approximately 12 skin infections and I would venture to say the Clorox bath  has avoided at least another 20. We haven’t had a skin infection due to this sort of thing in over a year. Praise God!! For all my blogger friends, please say a prayer that this will pass and he can find relief soon.

Until next time my friends….