Sunday, May 22, 2011

The older I get, the less I like people.

Yes, I said it. But the older I get the more I love and respect the people I care about. I have always been someone who doesn't put up with nonsense, and as I've got older, it's got worse. But instead of being confrontational, I just avoid them. I'm too old to fight, I'm too old to argue, and I'm definitely too old to play games. There are so many people who still act like they are 16. Who wants that? Better yet, who has time to do that? I honestly think my issue with the childish, I'm better than you attitudes that I seem to have issues with has more to do with the fact that those people are not my #1 priority. In fact, they aren't even on my top 10. They just simply don't matter to me anymore. I have a select few people that I would do anything in this world for. I wont list them all, but I will list a few that have been my rock at times.

My husband Josh.
 Sure, there are things he does that drive me C-R-A-Z-Y but he is SO good to me. He loves me with everything he has. And I see it daily. I can be the most difficult, hormonal woman in the world, and he will go out of his way to attempt to make me feel better. I couldn't do anything without him! 

My children. 
This goes without saying. They are the reasons I wake up in the morning, the reason I breathe. The reason I do everything. 

My sister Alicia.
My best friend in the whole world. Now that she is a mommy, I can see a different happiness about her. She has always been a happy person... but now she has that true joy in her eyes. I know that this chapter in her life will only bring us closer! 

My friend Amber P.
She listens to me cry, laugh, scream, complain, and whine. She gives me the advice that I hate to hear, but need to hear. We parent a lot alike, yet a lot differently. She understands where I'm coming from. I can tell her things without being afraid she will think I'm an awful mom or wife. I am very thankful for this woman. 

My mama.
What can I say? This woman is amazing. I can call her at any point during the day and she will answer. If I need something, you better believe she will help if she can. Plain and simple, she is amazing! 

Okay, I could go on and on... but I wont. I will just say that I have a lot of people in my life that mean the world to me. I am just tired of giving my time to people who aren't a direct part of my life. 
Hopefully all that made sense. :) 

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