Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rainy Day....

On most days that are filled with rain and storms I find myself getting super depressed and tired. 
It drains me completely. 
I have zero energy. 
And zero motivation. 

Today however, as the rain pours down, I am reminded that God has promised to wash away my sins and my short comings. I am reminded that with each bad day brings a good one. 
Yesterday was a rough day for me.
 Emotionally I was a mess. 

I felt trapped in a world I didn't understand, and serving a God who I felt like at times wasn't hearing my prayers. I knew He had not left me. Yet I wanted to curse him in anger and frustration. 

I don't "get" circumstances, and people, and life in general at times. Fact is, I'm not supposed too. 
I'm serving an awesome God who has everything figured out. And here I sit worrying and stressing about the smallest details of life. 

I believe God is allowing me to get to the lowest of lows so He can be there to pick me up and show me a better life. A life filled with less sorrow, more understanding, love and peace of mind regarding things I can't control. 

I went to bed with a heavy heart, praying for peace and understanding. I woke up this morning with the sound of rain drops hitting my window and knowing that God was there, as He has always been, promising to wash away yesterday as He did to my heart. 

 God is good ALL THE TIME.