Monday, April 9, 2012

My Incredible Easter Weekend!

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. "

I had the most incredible Easter weekend to date. 
Since moving to Sc, we haven't been able to see family as much as we would like. 
And when we do, it's always so hectic that we never really get to spend time with anyone at all. 

This weekend was different. 

It was the first time I would get to see my papa since he got out of the hospital. 
My papa is like a daddy to me. He was the only father figure in my life for the first 14 years of my life. I love this man. He is a God fearing Christian who loves the Lord and desires to be a man that others could look up to. 

Not everyone could make it to papa's house for Easter this year. Sadly we had some that were sick and others that were out of town. But here is picture of about half the normal clan.

Papa is in the purple shirt up front. :) 

Saturday was my niece Keira's first birthday party. I can't believe it's been a year since I got the call saying they were bringing a beautiful baby girl home. Adoption is hard, but Keira is proof that everything works out perfectly. She is a perfect piece to this family! 

So now I'll spam you with pictures of the party. 
She's just too cute NOT to spam you with them. 

The "babies" at the party. :) 
Alicia and Keira sharing a mommy and me moment. :) 

Such a sweetie little girl!!

My sweet boys with their daddy...

We went to Easter Sunday at my home church. I completely forgot my camera so I only have a couple of pictures of their easter egg hunt. 
*Insert Mother of the year award*

Here are a couple from some friends and family members. The rest are taken after church. 

Brennon and Tripp waiting to hunt Easter eggs. 

My sweet Zachary. 

I didn't realize Zachary was kissing my belly in almost every picture taken like this until I loaded them on the computer. Such a sweet child. :) 

This is how most of our pictures look. It's almost impossible to get this many kids to stand still for a picture. lol

Left to Right:
Tripp, Brennon & Zachary

Typical Picture of the boys. :) 

This is the best I could get from them. Too much sugar and sunshine to play in!! 

My loves. :) 

Josh and I really needed a picture of the two of us together. Add in Brennon. :)
Zachary had us laughing... so Josh's eyes are closed. Oh well

Playing with Jamie at Granny's! :) 

I also got to meet up with my bestie Kimberly this weekend too! Here is a picture from our short meet up. 

As far as an update on the pregnancy. As you can see in the pictures, I'm huge.
 My appointments with the OBGYN have been moved to weekly to monitor my blood pressure
 and also have weekly ultrasounds to monitor this little guys size.
 I'm tend to have bigger babies (that come early) and to pray for a baby that is between
 6-7lbs is a bit strange for me. But it's my only hope for another VBAC.
(Babies born with shoulder dystocia) 
So I'm praying. Hard.
I'm also praying my blood pressure stays down and doesn't keep creeping up like it has started
 to do in the past week or so. I can't be induced so I
need everything to go perfectly to assure I can get my VBAC. :)

Please keep praying...

But I'll leave you a bit of good news...

We have FINALLY agreed on name! :)

And another bit of good news... We will hopefully have our van by next week!!! :) SOOO excited!!