Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still Pregnant

I'm still pregnant. 

I've been dealing with cramping and contractions for 4 days now. 
I went to the doctor yesterday after having contractions most of the morning. 
I was told "Not much change". Still dilated to 2. Not too thinned out. 
So I have no idea what these contractions are doing besides making me miserable. 

I'm exhausted. I stay tired. I can't clean for more than a few minutes without contractions so intense that I have to stop and take a break. Where I used to be able to clean the house without any problems now trying to pick up the toys in the living room is like running a marathon without legs. 

I always predict my baby's birthdays. I have been VERY close with each of them. I think I was a few days off with Zachary, a day off with Brennon and a few hours off with Tripp. 
When I got pregnant with this little one I predicted his birthday to be May 7th. 
Throughout the pregnancy I've changed it to May 1st. 

That is another several days away from today. And I'm wondering why I chose a date so far off. I'm really hoping I am wrong in my prediction of this child's birthday. To be honest, I wouldn't mind being pregnant until May 1st, or even May 7th for that matter... but I would really like for the contractions and cramping to stop until I truly go into labor. 

In other news... 

Brennon is doing well with his new smile. I find him often looking in the mirror smiling and admiring his teeth. His smile is bigger too. Brings such joy to my heart to see him enjoying his new smile. That's the only reason we went through with the surgery. :) 

Zachary is doing pretty good as well. He is in a terrible 5 year old stage of back talking and what seems like a really late onset of separation anxiety. He cries every morning when being dropped off at school. It's heartbreaking! I hate it. He is a pro at lying the guilt trip on me. "I just want to stay with you mommy!" "I'm going to miss you so much mommy!" "Please don't make me go mommy!" "I don't want to leave you mommy!" 
What am I supposed to say to that? I have to play the mean mommy and hold tears back in doing so. 
I can't wait for this stage to pass. My heart can't take much more! 

Tripp is Tripp. He's is my little fireball. Full of energy. He is testing his limits more now. He is beginning to pick up some of the older boys bad habits. Whining is probably my least favorite. 
He is still all over the place and has yet to develop any fear. I wonder when that will come????

Josh has been sickly lately. I finally made him see the doctor yesterday. Sinus Infection. Lets hope he starts feeling better soon. You know how men are when they are sick... 

I think that sums it all up. I'm off to start my daily cleaning chores. 
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! :)