Saturday, February 19, 2011

Abortion Insurance

I have went back and forth about writing about the abortion insurance that Obama is trying to pass. If everything goes well for him, it will be effective in 2014. If this happens, we will not only be legalizing but promoting murder. As a Christian, I find the thought of this bill disgusting. I get that some people feel backed in a corner when they find out they are pregnant, and feel like it's easier to have an abortion than to carry this living and breathing child to full term. Pregnancy is hard. But murder is murder. I believe before every abortion, even today, the "mother" should have to listen to their child's heart beat for a good hour or so before being allowed to go through with the abortion. Most women don't hear this powerful sound before they let the doctor suck the baby out with a tube. I don't care how early you have an abortion, 99% of the time, when you get to that point, your baby has a heartbeat.

What I find amazing about all of this is the fact that Adoption Agencies charge sometimes up to 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS for adoption. And we are entertaining the thought of giving a woman the right to murder their child for a $25.00 copay. How am I the only one who see's how incredibly screwed up this is? If every child that was aborted or will be aborted was placed for adoption, we would NEVER have a waiting list for forever families. Every woman who had dreamed of being called mom, would have that opportunity. These are good people, who want to love these babies that women are killing DAILY! Every minute babies are being murdered. Perhaps Obama, you should consider making adoption more desirable for the birth mothers, instead of making it easier to murder their infants. Mr. President, you give tax credits for EVERYTHING. Try giving a tax credit to the abortion clinics for decreasing their work by 50%. They are only out to make money anyway. I'm sure they will jump on board.

Mr. President. You talked about change during your election. Boy have you brought it. Nothing is the same anymore. I've never seen so many people  scared and worried about their future. I've never seen so many Christian's pray for the rapture. We don't want our children to grow up in a world that is corrupted, and leaning on value's that aren't God's commandments. You are allowing God to be taken out of the school's, and wondering whey have school shootings weekly around the world. You are allowing this to happen!! You like to place blame on anyone that can hold it. But the truth of the matter is, when you give God's rights to human's, you are pleasing God. And in return, he will show you that He is bigger than anything you can dish out.

I pray for our president daily. I believe he needs it more than ever. I pray that he sees that the only way this country will prosper is to let God be the leader. I ask that all of you do the same. This world CAN be like it was when we were young. We just have to fight for it.