Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My First 2012 Blog Entry!

Happy 2012!!

I haven't updated in a while and I apologize for the lack of a blog entry. 

The beginning of the year hasn't started off as smoothly as previous years and I'm hoping it's not a sign for things to come. I spent New Years Day at the hospital. I have had issues with headaches, passing out, blurred vision, and dehydration. After passing out in the waiting room, I was giving IV Fluids, blood work was done, a chest X-Ray, CT Scan (to check for a blood clot in my chest) and a few other tests. Everything came back pretty normal. I was completely dehydrated and had a my iron was slightly low. Otherwise everything checked out. I am pretty confident the dehydration was the root cause of a lot of issues I was having. Everything has pretty much got better except a lingering headache I can't seem to shake. I never realized how much they could drag you down. I've spent several days locked in my room with the lights off and covers over my head trying to get some relief. Luckily my new OBGYN gave me some medicine to help with them and we set up an appointment with a neurologist just to be safe. 

Speaking of my new OBGYN office... 

I decided at the end of December to switch practices. I had my 2nd REALLY bad experience with Carolina OBGYN and decided I could not keep going to them. This pregnancy hasn't been as nice to me as my previous pregnancies, and while I don't expect special treatment by any means, I do expect them to realize that I know my body and when I tell them something is off, well... something is off. 
I had asked some mama's in my area from Spartanburg Mom's website about a good obgyn office in my area. They all highly suggested a place called Woman's Clinic. I was extremely excited to hear that not only are the doctors amazing, but the staff is incredible. I called and begged for them to accept me as a patient. I had my first appointment last Thursday. I saw a doctor named Dr. Brown. She was a delight. But before I get to her.... let me talk about the staff. From the receptionist to the nurses, all were great. They were friendly, and listened to me. I was given information on my first visit that I honestly didn't expect to get until much later in my pregnancy. My blood pressure was checked, urine, weight, and I was asked if I had any concerns. Two of those things Carolina OBGYN failed to do at a normal visit, much less a "sick" visit. I was placed in my room after speaking with a nurse (And I apologize for not remembering her name but she was awesome as well!) I didn't wait long before Dr. Brown came in. She checked my belly measurements, which were perfect, and we began talking about concerns I had, the problems I had been dealing with. She seemed very in tune with my "birth plan" and I felt as ease talking to her. Now, this is where things went differently than Carolina. After we spoke in the exam room I was asked to sit in a small waiting room area. The doctor looked in detail over my chart and then called me into her office. I immediately was brought back to my visits at Lakeside OBGYN in Ga. (And that's a fabulous thing!) I spoke to Dr. Brown again in her office for several minutes before we ended our chat and I left. Point was, she took time to really understand me as a person, and mother instead of "just another patient". We went over my VBAC plan, and both our mutual fears of another shoulder dystocia delivery. I could go on and on about how impressed I am with this office. It was truly a breath of fresh air! Here is the direct link to their office in case you are from the Spartanburg area. 

Since my visit I have had some good days and a few rough days. My HG seems to be acting up again. Yesterday was a day filled with a lot of nausea and throwing up. However, I feel much better today so far. My headache is a dull pain today, and I'm hoping to keep it at bay with regular Tylenol since the prescription makes me feel drunk. ( I hate that feeling!) 

I am enjoying life, and not forgetting that with everyday of rain, I will have a day of sunshine. 
I am looking forward to seeing this little bean this Thursday. We will see the pediatric cardiologist and have his/her heart checked out in detail since two of my boys already have heart defects. I'm sure everything will be fine and seeing the baby seems to give me more reasons to smile when I want to cry. 
My next visit at Woman's Clinic will be next month, and I will have the pleasure of seeing the midwife, Amy Somanini, FNP. She will be doing my 1 hour glucola test. I am excited to meet her (even if she can't deliver this baby) but I have no doubt things will start to look up for this pregnancy. 

I'll leave you with an updated progression of the belly. :)