Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still pregnant

I am 37 weeks and a few days pregnant. 

And I cant believe I'm still baking this kid. 

Zachary was born at 38 weeks. 
Brennon at 37 and a couple of days
Tripp at 36 and a few days...

I just assumed I would have this little one early too. 

I assumed wrong. 

So here I sit.. bouncing on the birthing ball trying to move this little one down as far as he'll go. 
Contractions come and go but nothing worth even typing about at this point. 

The back pain is becoming unbearable. I pulled a muscle around Easter in my back... below my left shoulder blade. It hasn't healed like I would have hoped. Since then I have been fighting with the back pain... too darn stubborn to take the pain medicine like I should... 

I've been trying to evict this kid for the past few days now... and he's not budging!! 

Hopefully my next update will be filled with a name and pictures for you.