Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Buying Jeans in a size 2 world...

I was forced to go jean shopping last week.

I went to my typical stores. 
(I'm a bit frugal even when I'm in need of something) 



TJ Maxx.



JC Penny.

Every store in the mall.

And ended at Old Navy.

And I have to say... Buying a pair of jeans is just has hard in a size 2 as it was in a  size 10. 

I still felt odd in my own body.

My belly didn't feel right when the jeans were buttoned.

My love handles hung over the top of any jeans I put on (even the jeans that were too big).

My thighs still felt like they were huge. 

And after leaving most stores almost in tears I realized something.

It's not about the size of our clothes.

It's our body image.

After I had babies my body changed. Everything rotated to places that I believed made me look fat. 
When I purchased a pair of size 10 jeans after the birth of my 2nd baby I had the exact same feelings I had when I made my trip to buy a size 2 pair of jeans. 

Truth is ladies..
Buying a pair of jeans is hard when YOU are still telling you how fat you are. It has nothing to do with the size on the tag. 

When did we start letting the tag on a pair of jeans or dress or shirt define what is beautiful?
When did we start telling ourselves that if we aren't smaller we aren't beautiful?
When did we start letting our emotions over weight take joy out of our lives?

We are beautiful.

To the women struggling with their weight but more importantly struggling with their self image today.

 You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are special. Probably to more people than you realize. 

You are not alone in your struggles. 
The lady who seems to be so lucky buying the jeans smaller than you is struggling with her body image the same way you are. 

We are in this together ladies!