Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inconsiderate Parents

I'm calling you out inconsiderate parents. 

And I'm calling you careless adults out as well.

This winter has been a rough one for us too. We've battled everything under the sun. 
We have made countless trips to the pharmacy. So much so they know us by name. 
No point in asking for birthday's. They know them all.

And while I give a lot of blame for our sicknesses to having 2 kids in public schools now, I give most blame to these inconsiderate parents and careless adults.

My kids don't have a super weak immune system. 
They just can't handle all the stuff that you guys are bringing into Wal-Mart. 
They can barely get over the Strep your child had before they are hit with the stomach bug that your cousin had. And when they finally get over the stomach bug and are able to have a normal life by leaving the house they pick up your best friends flu. 

All because you refuse to use a drive through pharmacy. 

I can't even take my children with me to get new toothbrushes or probiontics at Wal-Mart because they are on the isle next to the pharmacy, which happens to be lined with flu stricken, stomach bug carrying, strep throat infested, pink eye contagion people. 

I'm just as irritated with Wal-Mart for putting their pharmacies mixed in with the rest of the store. For the love of all things purple, could you at least build a pharmacy that makes you go into it to get medicine one that isn't beside bandaids with Elmo on them? 

I'm most definitely NOT blaming other children for my children being sick. 

I am however blaming their parents. 

Facebook is full of parents posting pictures of their incredibly sick children in buggies waiting for their medicine to be ready. And I've shopped at Wal-Mart pharmacy before. Wait time? 1-2 hours. 
That means you are walking around with your germ infested kid infecting every other human for 1-2 hours. 

Obviously Wal-Mart's prices aren't the only thing dropping. 
Seems as though IQ's are as well. 

People need to stop and think of others.
 I realize in a very self absorbed world it's hard to stop and think about others when you are already having a rough day/week yourself but one simple thought about you or your child possibly making some other person sick could have a huge affect on the outbreak of sicknesses in our country. 
Of course the flu is "the worst year" to date according to the CDC. 
The hospitals have sections blocked off for flu symptom patients, yet pharmacies are encouraging them to sit on a blue bench while they fill their prescription. 

I have 4 kids. 4 small kids. I totally get that it's a huge inconvenience to arrange things so that your child/children do not have to go into a store when they are sick.

Just yesterday I took Tripp to the doctor after 2 days of a really nasty stomach bug. He was clearly dehydrated. I needed to stop by the store and pick up several items for a brat diet as well as more pull ups and pedialyte. But I KNEW he was sick. So instead of popping into Wal-Mart for these few items with Tripp in tow, I drove past Wal-mart AND the grocery store and took him home. I left him with his daddy and drove the 10 minute drive back out to the store to get the items without him.

If I can keep my 4 sick children out of the stores with only myself and my husband caring for them, so can you. 

And if life has prevented you from possibly keeping yourself or your child out of the store while being sick, please use a mask. Keep the kids out of the buggy. Use the hand sanitizer. Drop off the prescription and wait in the car. Do whatever you can to keep yourself or your kids from making others sick too.

Think about how badly YOU feel while walking through Wal-Mart waiting on your own prescription and think about spreading those same germs to a newborn, or a toddler, or an elderly person who's immune system is probably not near as strong as yours.