Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Faucet Extender Review

Right before Christmas I received this product. 

It's called the Faucet Extender. 

My boys are still little and are finding it difficult to reach the faucet to wash hands. This often results in poor hand washing. I've noticed over the past few months they have stayed more sick than previous months. So... I wondered if washing their hands were made easier, would it cut down on the germs? 

I quickly placed it on his bathroom faucet and asked him to wash his hands normally. He struggled as he stood on his tippy toes to reach the water. So I asked him to wash them with the facet extender on. As you can see from the pictures his feet are flat and he looks pretty comfortable washing his hands. 

All in all I am impressed with my new gadget. As a mom, I try to find products that make not only my life easier, but life easier for the kids. This product does that! 

You can find your own life saver, errr, faucet extender by CLICKING HERE!!!