Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Year Old Behavior

Let me give you a brief description of how my 5 year old's class works. 

You have 4 ticket. 
You start each day on white. 
Warnings result in a green ticket being pulled.
You then get a yellow ticket. 
Last ticket given out is red. 

A note is sent home for a yellow or red ticket. You are also given a brief description of what the reason was for the tickets pulled. If you pull a yellow or red ticket you do not get to play at recess and you are sent to another room or principals office for your behavior. 

Zachary has pulled 2 red tickets and 1 yellow ticket in the past couple of weeks. 
Before this he never pulled tickets... not even green. 

Do I feel like we have an issue? 


Not with my child anyway. 

And I'll explain myself. 

I have a 5 year old. 
A 5 year old little boy.

His reasons for his yellow ticket today were "horseplaying and talking while the cone was on the table at lunch". 

Sounds like typical 5 year old little boy behavior to me. 

He also got in trouble for running & doing cartwheels in P.E. 

Again, typical 5 year old little boy behavior. 

Yet I'm expected to address these issues at home to insure they wont be an continuous problem at school. 
I hate to be the voice of reasoning but unless I can magically transform my 5 year old little boy into a grown man he will always act like a 5 year old little boy. 

I will address issues of defiance and disrespect. Those will not be tolerated. However, I can't force myself to discipline my 5 year old for 5 year old behavior. 

I've been struggling on this issue for the past month. I started out with the belief that any issues at school would be addressed immediately. However, after hearing the reasons behind his tickets I am standing firm that there seems to be some unrealistic behavior goals being set in 5K. 

So I ask... What are your thoughts? 
What do you do when your child is sent home with discipline notes from school? 

I've got a parent/teacher conference to go over these types of issues coming up soon so I'd like some feedback from other experienced mama's out there.