Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Monday...

It's Monday.

For most people this would be enough said. 
But I try really hard not to let the bad rap of Monday determine my day. 

Today lived up to its reputation. 

I realize that a lot of today has been pregnancy hormones that made a rough day seem like a day straight from hell. 

Started off this morning with a sink full of dishes. We had a busy weekend and since our dishwasher is broke (and has been for well over a year) hand washing them somehow got put onto MY to-do list. Let me give you a visual picture. My belly is so big now that I stand about 6-8 inches away from the sink. I am required to bend over in order to reach the dishes. One sink full of dishes will take me a good 30 minutes to wash because I have to stop and stretch. I had BOTH sinks full today. :( 

And as typical as it is to have 2 toddlers running around while cleaning, by the time I got the dishes washed, dried and put away, the boys had destroyed both their rooms. Two rooms I had already cleaned this morning. :( 

And then I get confirmation that I will either have to take all 3 boys to the largest consignment sale in South Carolina on Friday alone or I will have to skip Friday's sale and miss out on a trip I have planned for months. (Just found out Zachary has no school Friday) I have planned on buying Zachary's entire summer wardrobe and the few items I still need to get for this new baby coming in 6 weeks. Let me say this... I NEVER expect anyone to take care of my boys. I know they are a hand full.. trust me... I KNOW. However, I make sure to rarely ask for help with them in hopes that when I do have that rare occasion of needing someone to watch them, they will appreciate the fact that I don't take advantage of a babysitter and are more willing to help out. Apparently my hopes are mere wishful thinking. :( 
Josh and I haven't taken a date in well over 2 years... and I haven't complained about it because we understand that it's hard to expect anyone to watch all 3 kids while we go to dinner. I get it... But it sure would be nice to get a break on occasion... Heck, I'm not even expecting anyone to watch them for free... I'd pay. 


I did managed to get all my cleaning done, and the house looks more like clean adults live here instead of wild monkeys. And I am thankful for being able to still clean. I am also thankful for the people in the house that mess it up. 

I'm sure tomorrow will be better... and hopefully my frustration will be gone and I'll be able to think more clearly to come up with a way to still manage to get to this children's sale without loosing my mind, a kid or going into labor early. 

So until then....