Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being A Mother To All Boys

I've always pictured myself raising a daughter at some point. 
I imagine bows, pony's and barbies. 
Lace and Curls filling the house... 

God had another plan for my life. 

He instead blessed me with all boys. 
4 boys to be exact. 

Instead of bows and barbies our home is filled with insanely noisy, dirty filled, sword fighting, monster hunting, bug collecting little boys. 

And it's awesome. So Thank you God. 

It's true when they say God gives you exactly what you need instead of everything you want. 
I could not have imagined more perfect children to be a part of my life. 

God has given me Zachary, my insanely deep hearted little boy who's imagination amazes me. The love he has at such a small age is something I pray carries on into his adult life. The older he gets the more teary eyed I get as my sweet baby boy is now a spunky little man. 

God has given me Brennon, my sweet precious little boy who has more energy than I could ever imagine having. He brings a smile to my face daily with his sense of humor. He isn't afraid to sing and dance in fear someone will laugh, in fact, I think he enjoys every second of the attention. :) 

God has given me Tripp, my amazingly fearless little boy. He will be the one who wraps his arms around you if he sees you upset and the first to give out kisses and hugs randomly. He brings such joy to our home. His best friends are his brothers but his heart I believe will always belong to his mama. 

God has now given me Landry. Such a small sweet precious little baby boy. I look at him sleeping or nursing and can't imagine him being anything but perfect for our family. I am so excited to watch him grow with our family and see what kind of little guy he grows up to be. 

Before God blessed me with my boys, God blessed me with Josh. The first boy to fill my heart with pure love. I see Josh in each of our children, and it fills my heart with joy. I loved Josh before we ever had children, but with each little person we bring into this family, I believe I love him more and more. 
He is my other half. He is my rock. He keeps me going on days I feel overwhelmed. I know that he will always be there for me, and for our boys. 

God truly knew what He was doing when he gave me my boys. He had a plan for my life, and while at times I didn't understand it, He knew it would be perfect. 

I have to learn to trust Him more in my life. He's never let me down, and I know He isn't going to start now. 

I will be forever grateful that God is allowing me to raise these children. If he never sees fit to bless our home with a daughter, I know it's His plan and I'm okay with that. In fact, my heart is so filled with love with these guys that I can't imagine anything but a home filled with men. :)