Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Thoughts

This blog may be all over the place. 
(As if others aren't...) 

I'm a ball of feelings/emotions today. 

I originally started blogging for these types of days. 
I needed a place to just write. 
Grammer didn't matter... spelling didn't matter... 
It was only about getting my thoughts swimming around in this sometimes crazy head out and onto paper. 

So here goes... 

I need to find time to study my Bible. 
I hate that I say "find time" like it's a job or something....
I would love a few moments in the morning before kids get up to be able to open my devotional up and  get a little closer to God. 
I don't drink coffee but my ideal setting would be 30 minutes sitting on the couch, curled up with my cup of Coke (cause I don't drink coffee) and getting a little personal time with My God. 
I often say I will get up early and do this... 
but like most mornings... kids wake ME up or the alarm clock does (after hitting snooze a few times) and I'm running around getting kids dressed, fed and off to school. 
Daycare kids get here and we begin playing. Babies go down for their naps and then it's Tripp's time for some mommy alone time. 
I fly through the house picking up a little before babies are back up from their naps and then it's time to get Brennon off the bus, cook lunch, feed babies, and back to playing. 
Afternoon naps come and it's time to give Brennon some mommy time... and then Zachary gets home... and my plan for a quite 30 minutes is gone. Before I know it, I'm giving baths, brushing teeth and tucking kids into bed. 

Maybe I could shoot for some nighttime study.... 
(If I can get Landry on a decent schedule)

Another thought?


I can't believe I'm once again sucked into this show. It's filthy... and nothing I need to subject my eyes or ears too... but it's just so darn good. 
The drama. The morals these women walk in with are thrown out the window 10 minutes into the house. Am I the only person who thinks about the fact that their parents WILL watch the show and will see how skanky they are acting? 

More randomness...

Must do something with this mess. 
99% of the time it's in a ball on the top of my head with an exercise band around the front to keep the strays in check. 
I don't exercise. 
I have wanted a body wave for years.... I got one about 3 years ago and it fell the next morning. I couldn't figure out why.. turns out I was pregnant and apparently, pregnancy hormones and perms don't go hand in hand. 
Who knew? 

I have the most awful cavity I need to get taken care of. I didn't have cavities until I was pregnant with Landry and threw up 15-30 times a day for 9 months. Now I have 4. 
Thank you Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
I need to get on making an appointment to get them taken care of before my teeth fall out. 


I've been tanning lately. It's been a nice distraction from reality. 
Those 10-15 minutes have been amazing! 
Except for the one time I laid 15 minutes and got burnt. 
THAT was not that great. 
I itched for days. 
No fun. 
Otherwise I have enjoyed it. 
And I like having legs that aren't so white they blind me as I'm getting dressed. 
I may just keep it up in the upcoming month. 

Can you guys tell I'm seriously working on my appearance? 
Didn't really realize it until now.

But I'm turning 30 this year...
And getting old kinda sucks.

I've got wrinkles. 

My boobs don't sit quite as high as they used too.
(Although I must admit, they aren't near as bad as I imagined after nursing for 3 years)

I'm falling apart it seems. 

I need Yoga. 

I was impressing my 6 year old yesterday by attempting a cartwheel and a ninja move following and mastered it. But totally felt dizzy afterwards. Had to sit down and take a break from all the unnecessary activity. 


If it wasn't for my gut disease... I'd be obese. 

Which brings me to my next random thought.

It's sitting in my house folded up in the guest room. 
I don't need to use it to loose weight. 
I'm pretty happy with my current weight.
(125 and a size 3 after 4 kids- yes, I'll take it) 

However... I have zero muscle. 

I'm weak. 

If you want to physically fight me... now's your time. 

I'd lose. 

I've been meaning to drop off paperwork to the local YMCA. 
I've been putting it off since Landry couldn't stay until 6 months (my rule-not theirs) 
but he's almost 9 months and I can't use that excuse anymore. 

So there ya have it. 

I'm out of time as the kids are growing tired of the toys I've placed in front of them and are trying to crawl over the keyboard into my lap. 

So off I go to tickle babies.. wrestle Iron Man and Captain America... and enjoy the precious moments I know I'll probably forget one day. 

Until next time my friends.....