Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why wont he sleep??????

If you are a friend of mine on facebook you know my many issues with Landry and his sleeping (or lack of sleeping) problems.

He's almost 9 months old (WOW! I can't believe he's already 9 months old!) And has only slept through the night twice. (Or more than a few hours at a time)

He screams all night. 

He was on prevacid as a newborn for Reflux.  

I thought I was going to resort to cursing at his former pediatrician who told me to put cereal in pumped breast milk when he was 3 weeks old for the reflux. 
After I explained to him that I would NOT be giving my 3 week old baby cereal because that caused more issues than just the reflux. 

First, he gets constipated due to the rice in the breast milk. 
We switch him to oatmeal for the constipation. 

Now we have too many frequent bowel movements which cause diaper rash. 

So we are using diaper rash cream. 

So we switch back to rice cereal. 
And we add in Karo Syrup. 

And as if all that mess isn't enough, my perfectly healthy (besides the reflux) baby is now obsese, completely off the charts in weight, and I'm being told he's too big. 

So we take him off the cereal. 

And he drops the weight. 

And then he is labeled "failure to thrive" by his doctor. 
(Because babies under 1 year shouldn't loose weight) 


We tried Zantac and then switched to Prevacid. 

He seemed to get better after a few months. 
So we took him off of it. 

But from the moment he was born he hasn't slept. 
He is a terrible sleeper. 

Last week his new pediatrician put him back on Prevacid. 
It's worth a shot. 
Maybe it would help him sleep. 

Um... NO. 
Side effects of Prevaid?

Sleep problems. Insomnia to be exact. 

For the past week Landry has been up even more than he is normally. 
He typically gets up every 2 hours during the night. 
He's now up every hour, but throughout the night stays up crying for hours upon hours. 
(Last night was midnight-5am) 

So why isn't he sleeping? 
It's not the reflux. 

Side effects of reflux? 
GI issues?
Something I'm eating? (Yes, I'm still nursing)

I can't imagine he's just THIS bad of a sleeper. 
Something has to be causing him to not be able to sleep. 

But what is it? 

I'm calling the pediatrician in the morning and asking for the referral to the GI specialist. 
I've mentioned it many times before so this time I believe I'll just flat out request it. 

I really hope that I can find out whats going on so that I can enjoy my sweet child. 
I'll be honest, right now it's difficult to really truly enjoy him. 

I'm tired. 
Short tempered. 
And a walking Zombie. 

Ready for some answers....

And sleep! 

Advice would be great. But I'll warn you... I don't believe telling a breastfeeding mama to give her baby formula to help them sleep is the answer. I have chosen to breast feed my children and I can't imagine giving him milk from a cow is better than milk from his mother. Sorry. I've done many elimination diets hoping I could find the culprit but so far nothing has worked. I'm also not going to let him cry for hours upon hours in a crib alone.