Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Fathers Day From Your Baby Girl

This year on Fathers Day I'm only 17 months old so I can't really write you so with mommy's help, I'll do what I can. 

Dear Daddy, 
 Thank you for being such a good daddy. You are showing me early on what kind of man I want to marry. I know being a daddy is hard work. And I know we drive you crazy most days. But you are doing an awesome job! Thank you for rocking me to sleep on the days you are off. Speaking of work, thank you for working so hard for me daddy. I know you don't want to leave me. I can feel your hugs are a little tighter when you leave me. And don't worry, I may be really little but I'll always remember the extra sprints up the staircase just to steal one more slobbery kiss from me. I'll also remember that you tell me you love me at least 5 times as you walk out the door. I probably wont understand completely how much it hurts to leave your baby until I have kids of my own and I wont tell you thank you nearly enough so I'll tell you I'm sorry for that now. I hope I find a husband just like you daddy. I want my husband to love me like you love mommy. And I want him to love his babies like you love us. 
You are the best daddy in the whole wide world and I wouldn't pick any other daddy in this world but you to be my daddy. 

I love you daddy. 

Love, Anniston 

PS. The boys wrote their own letters and put them with your fathers day gifts. Mom said we couldn't put names on the gifts but just between you and I, I picked the best gift. ;)