Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where's Amber?

Cause all I see is Mama, and Josh's wife. I had a conversation last week with a dear friend who was going through this same thing. I often find that I go through spurts of loosing "me" in my daily duties as a stay at home mother and wife. Sometimes life gets so crazy around here, that it's not that I forgot that the "me" is gone, but I'm too busy to find her. While I am so thankful and excited to be a mother to my boys, I want to still be able to feel like Amber occasionally. I used to sew, but after the birth of Brennon, life was so hectic that I put the sewing machine in the top of the closet. But this same friend reminded me how rewarding it is, and it made me want to pull mine back out. I have a head full of creative ideas, but I lack the time to execute them. I think my goal this month, is to find something I really enjoy doing, and do it. It may not be sewing, it may be something new. Something I've never done before but always wanted to do.

It could get crazy around here!!

I have had a itch to cook dinner last night. For those who aren't familiar with our schedule... Josh cooks. I'm the worst cook ever!! I can bake... but I can't cook. I made a wonderful garlic herb stuffed chicken. And it was delicious!! Maybe I'll try cooking new things on my quest to find myself.

I also had a friend post pictures of her first try at making royal icing roses (homemade royal icing at that!!)   Perhaps I can add pretty roses to my cakes??

I feel like everyone is doing things they enjoy... and are really good at it!! But I'm still sitting here, cleaning baseboards, changing diapers, wiping butts, sweeping floors, washing, drying, and folding laundry and wondering what I will find that is ME.

** I'd like to point out that my quest to find "me" is worse during 1 week of the month... I think there is something to that. Dang hormones... lol**