Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boot Camp

It's that time of year again. 

My kids need a dose of reality. 

So what always works? 

Boot Camp. 

All I have to say is Boot Camp starts today and they immediately straighten up. Of course, they still push the boundaries just to see how much they can get away with. 
It's not much. 

Vinegar has been placed perfectly on the window seal in the kitchen. 
It's been months since we have had to use it. 

Zachary has started not listening, back talking and hitting his brothers. 
Brennon has started his daily whining sessions again.
Tripp is just watching the older boys and picking up everything negative they do. 

Boot camp is hard. 
It requires 100% concentration on them and what they are doing. This means while cooking supper I have to have my eyes open in the back of my head and my hearing plugs turned up high in order to catch EVERY.SINGLE thing they do out of line. 

If I miss something, you can bet your bottoms they haven't missed it. 

Toys are picked up the very instant Josh or I say to pick them up. If not, they are gone. (Not gone temporally. Gone for good) 
No yelling or screaming throughout the house. Inside voices are mandatory. (This includes in public too) 
Hands are washed in order from oldest to youngest without drowning my bathroom. 
Plates are cleaned before leaving the table.
Back talking will not be tolerated and you will immediately be given 1tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar. 
(I really don't want to hear that this doesn't work, or is cruel. I'm raising these children to be respectable men. I will do so in the way that works for our family) 
No warnings are given out for hitting others. First hit = Vinegar & Time Out. 
Bedtime will be without whining or crying. 

Now, with those being "said", I will say that it takes a lot of work for mama and daddy to make boot camp work. We have to be 100% firm but gentle. We do not want to show any anger. 
It's just a reminder for them, which I've come to realize we all kinda need, of what is expected of them daily. 

So.. here goes nothing.