Friday, February 1, 2013

My new love...

Little Maven. 

The most amazing clothing line EVER.

Tori Spelling may be blonde but she's a genius in my book.

My bestie Kimberly sent me a picture of her daughter with an adorable shirt on that had a bib hooked to it. 

After running to JC Penny to check it out myself I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't think of this sooner. 

That would be a sleeper that has a bib that snaps on it. 
(Sorry for the crummy picture) 
Not only do you get the outfit but you get 2 bibs with it as well. 
And the best part? 

I can't even buy a sleeper alone for that price. 
And have YOU checked out the price of bibs lately? 
They are expensive!  
Considering the purpose of it is to catch drool.

And then you have this adorable outfit... 

And then one of my favorites..


I'm not only amazed at the prices themselves but the ingenious designs and styles. 
And for so cheap! 

The material is soft, and looks like it's well made. I'm sure I'll have an update on these later sometime after my boys have worn them pretty well as typical boys do. 

So... there you have it. 

I'm in love. 

With a piece of cotton.