Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Listening to your body

As a mama of many I often find myself not listening to my body.

It clearly is telling me to slow down when I'm falling asleep nursing the baby.

But I never do. 

I'm like the Little Engine that could.

Except I can't.

A few days ago I started getting extra tired.
But I didn't have time to nap.

I finally crashed Sunday afternoon for about an hour.
It clearly wasn't enough.

Yesterday was a rough day as far as energy goes.
I was SOOOO tired and my gut issues seemed to be bothering me more.
Nothing too extreme but more than I had been having.

My body was telling me I needed to take today to rest.

But I didn't listen.

And here I sit- in pain and not a single thing I can do about it.

I have pain medicine to stop the gut spasms but it makes me crazy tired and I have a house full of babies. 
Everything else is off the block because I'm still nursing my sweet Landry.

I will be waiting until 5ish to get any relief and it's all because I didn't listen to my body.

Mama's- it's important. 

Your body is telling you when to slow down, when to get checked out, and when to get moving. 

So please, take my advice today and listen to your body! 

Otherwise you're gonna be sitting at home, feeling crummy with not a soul who wants to hear about it.