Friday, February 22, 2013

Because I am her baby...

I listened to "The Baby" by Blake Shelton this morning while dancing with Landry.

I day dreamed about dancing with him on his wedding day, to that very song, in tears just as I was today.

I know I'll think to myself that I missed so many great moments. Moments like this one. Dancing with him in the kitchen, him holding onto my shoulders for dear life and grinning from ear to ear. 
I'll miss the squeals of excitement and the disappointed look on his face when the song was over and we had to stop. 

I'll miss the way I felt when he crawled for the first time, or got his first tooth. 
And I know as hard as it is to think about now, I'll miss those moments in the middle of the night when he just wanted to play with me instead of sleep.

I already miss moments of when Zachary, Brennon & Tripp were babies. 

I miss the way Zachary laughed. It was contagious. It was so pure and raw and beautiful.
Now we have hit the back talking, attitude stage. It's not near as enjoyable as the smiles and giggles from tearing down the DVD's. 

I miss the way Brennon cuddled with me on the couch. I can't get him to sit still long enough for a hug, much less to watch cartoons. I miss the way his hair felt on my chin as we cuddled. It was so soft and smelled so sweet. I pray I never forget that smell. 

I miss the way Tripp curled into my body so perfectly when I nursed him at night. 
I miss the way he looked after he did something he knew he wasn't supposed to do. 
His eyes would light up and he would grin from ear to ear, proud of what he had accomplished. 

So many things I miss now... and so many thing I know I'll miss later. 

So today I've tried to really enjoy the kids, even at their worst. Because I know one day will come when I miss even those days too.