Thursday, February 14, 2013

"THAT" mom

You know "that" mom. 

She shows up with handcrafted Valentine's for every student in their kids class 
AND every teacher in the entire school. 

Or even worse... she shows up with perfectly personalized cookies that were made from scratch. They taste as good as they look.

Um... Thanks for making us look bad. 

Last year we stuck with box Valentine's Day cards. Zachary filled out his name and we were done. 
It was simple.
And fast. 

But that was before I became a pintrest addict. 

This is SOOOO me. I'm not really all that crafty. I'd like to be. 
But I'm not. 

So when I had these wild visions of crafty things to do for Valentine's Day I knew I was in trouble.

I bought all the necessary tools. 

And proceeded. 

I'll show you my inspirations and the final products. 

My Teacher Gift Inspiration:

Was supposed to have a card that reads "Thanks for bee-ing a great teacher!" 

And the final product: 

Yes, I realize it's not quite perfect. But I drew the bee. Doesn't that count for something? 

And the kids classmates Valentine's- 

My inspiration: 

Our final product: 
Totally realized their arms need to be more to the side instead of out front in front of their face. Oh well. 



I'm not really on a quest to become "that" mom. 
But I'd like to be a cool enough mom to want to do these fun activities with my kiddo's at holidays. 

They had fun doing these and for me it was worth it. 
Next year will probably be boxed Valentine's Day cards I'm sure. 
But that will be okay.

Because to my boys... those things are WAY cooler! 

And to just add this because it doesn't happen that often...

I woke up at midnight to the smell of a funeral home in my bedroom...
And on my nigh stand sat these beauties. 

From the most amazingly sweet husband in the entire world. :)