Saturday, April 9, 2011

I despise tests...

Ever since I was in elementary school I hated tests. I could know everything about what the test was about, and still freak out when it was time to take it. I think it's the pressure, or the stress that it brings. Maybe it's because I'm dyslexic and want to read and write everything backwards. (True Fun Fact About Amber!) Regardless, I despise them.

This week has been full of tests. I'm not having to sit down with a #2 pencil and wait for my teacher to grade my work, but in a way I am. The devil is throwing rocks in my path and waiting for me to stumble so he can have the satisfaction of winning. And I'll be honest, a few days this week, he came pretty darn close. I almost gave up.

I find it amazing how in the mist of the storm, God can throw a rainbow in to show those struggling that he's still there, and in control. Today, he threw me a personal rainbow. When I left like I had been knocked down onto my knees, I realized the old saying was true, "... You're in the perfect position to pray!"

And I prayed about tests.

The most important test in life is oddly enough, the one I enjoy the most....

I've been taking this test for quite some time, and I'm very thankful God has been patient with me. It's a time test too, and I'll be working on it until the day I meet my Savior. So many parts of this test I'm thankful for. I'm thankful that when I have a question, I can raise my hands and ask questions and get step by step directions on how to work it out. I am thankful that if I get a question wrong, I can ask for forgiveness and my Teacher will let me re-do it without judgment. I am thankful that I wont be compared to my older sister (for those who have a smarter older sibling, you know what I mean! lol) and my Teacher wont be disappointed that I'm not the perfect student like she was.  I pray that I slow down to see that person He worked so hard to make. My prayer is that I can live up to what God knows I can be.