Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prayer for my Children

How do I begin to pray for the things I want for you? 

I stroke your hair as you sleep and these words come to mind. 
I pray that you keep your childlike innocence and hunger for life. 
I pray that you find a love that lasts forever. 
I pray you not only follow your dreams but you chase them. 
I pray one day you experience a happiness that brings tears of joy to your eyes. 
I pray when someone hurts you that you remember how it hurt and to learn from it and not become bitter. 
I pray that when I discipline you for a wrongdoing you know someday it was out of love and protection. 
I pray you always remember where you come from and always know your way home. 
I pray you know your never too old to make snow angels and dance in the rain. 
I pray that you always speak your mind but carefully choose your words. 
I pray you always know you are 
GOD's child and not because you were brought up going to church but for you to find out for yourself. 
I pray when someone breaks your heart that one day you'll look back and appreciate what you learned from it. 
I pray that when you're a parent and you have tears of fatigue in your eyes that you thank me for all the things I did for you and that you finally understand, just like I did my parents. 
I pray that you choose your friends wisely and stick up for the kid who everyone else is picking on. 
I pray that you know what it's like to be lied to so you'll always want to tell the truth. I pray that you don't believe everything you hear but to find out for yourself and to trust your instincts. 
I pray you appreciate the differences in people and see it as a beautiful thing. 
I pray that you see that you see I did my best to be a good mom. 
I pray you protect your mind, body and soul. 
I pray you know that life isn't about finding yourself but creating yourself. 
I pray you learn from your mistakes. 

I pray one day you know the sacrifices I made and while you were sleeping I was up praying over your bed that you may have the best life and you live it to the fullest. That you experience all the joy in the world and learn from all the hurts. To not only love your family and friends but to cherish them. To have an open mind and to not just follow the crowd. To know that we fought cause we are so alike but remember all the fun times we have. To remember that I may not always be here but to remember how much I love you.


I was thinking earlier in the week about writing my prayer for my boys... and I remembered a friend sending this to me. I'm not sure who wrote it, but I have to say, it's every prayer I have for my children... I couldn't have said it any better so I left it alone and posted it as is. 

The thought of my boys growing up feels me with so many emotions. Sadness of the innocence they will loose along the way, and the hurt they will be exposed to. I am grateful for the memories of their childhood, but anxious about the teenage years. Above all, I am thankful. Thankful that God trusted me enough to raise these children. Thankful that each and every one of them are perfect to me. Thankful that God knew I needed each one of them to know what it was like to love unconditionally. I could write 100 pages of prayers and emotions my children have brought to my life, but I'll end it with this. 

My biggest prayer for my children is that they know the Lord and in time,when they are old enough to understand, have a personal relationship with Him that molds their life.