Sunday, October 9, 2011

How you get through dinner with HG

Yes, I'm serious. 

Normally the smell of turkey in the crock pot would make my mouth water. I LOVE turkey. Any other time I would be as giggly as a kid on Christmas morning. However, living with Hypereremesis the smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen is enough to make me start an all day throwing up session. So this is how I cope. 

Excuse the way I look. I have just got out of the shower (which was also torture as the heat made me sick) and I have zero makeup on. I'm surprised my eyes aren't completely bloodshot due to throwing up. 

I'm excited and nervous about my doctor appointment tomorrow morning. I'm ready for some reassurance. I'm ready to know that I have a doctor I can call on those really bad days and will do whatever they can to help me. I am nervous though because of my last visit. Saying a prayer this new doctor will take this serious. 

I want to add how incredibly blessed I am to have a husband who will pick up the slack while I'm dealing with all this mess. He doesn't complain either. He just does it. He is washing clothes, dishes, and helping with the boys. I have become a permeant fixture to both the bathroom and the couch. I could not go through this without him. He's amazing! Thanks babe for all that you do. I know how frustrating this is for you. I really do. And I will be forever grateful for the help you are giving.