Friday, October 7, 2011

I sure do miss my OBGYN Dr. Bailey right about now.....

I spent the better part of my teenage years looking for a doctor who didn't say the words "You'll never have children" in our first appointment. Endrometriosis had effected my life so much already, and I refused to believe God would give me the desire to become a mother and raise lots of babies and never bless me with a fruitful womb. I can't recall every doctor I saw, but I do know that I went to every doctor in my area, and those within an hour drive each direction. None seemed like they were willing to help me. And then I met Dr. Bailey at Lakeside OBGYN. I can only compare my first appointment with Dr. Bailey to the first time I met my husband. (well... the first time I met him when I was old enough and wise enough to get to know him) It was "love" at first chat. No, I'm not in love with my OBGYN. Not like that anyway. But after we spoke for the first time, he looked at me and said "I will never tell you that you will carry a baby, but I also will never tell you that you won't." I KNEW at that very moment, I had finally found the doctor I had been looking for. You can read my first blog entry for all the details after that visit.

Lets fast forward to yesterday.

I went to my new OBGYN (in another state) and was nervous after my diagnosis I was given the previous night but hopeful that I would be able to grasp what was happening to my body. I got weighed, to which I saw that in 2 weeks I had lost 11lbs, and went into the exam room. I waited and within a few minutes Dr. White walked in. He never introduced himself but instead looked at me puzzled and asked "Now why are you here again?" I, now just as confused as he was, began to explain that I had been to the ER twice in one week, and the previous night had been told by the OBGYN at the hospital that I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I handed him the paper they had given me at the hospital with the diagnosis on it hoping it would ring a bell. (The OBGYN I saw at the hospital told me he would be speaking to Dr. White and explaining the situation before my visit) Dr. White glances at the page and half way throws the paper back to me explaining I do NOT have HG. In fact, he proceeded to tell me I had a virus. Or perhaps just a weak stomach. It would pass around 14 weeks into the pregnancy. I am now fighting back tears. Tears of frustration, tears of anger. I KNEW this feeling. The feeling of realization that yet another doctor would not be helping me figure things out. I would say I would make this story short, however the visit itself lasted about 10 minutes tops, so I'll finish it. He then proceeded to tell me that all I could take was Zofran, to which I explained to him I had been taking and has now stopped working. With zero sympathy he tells me that's all I can take and he doesn't know what to tell me. I immediately begin to cry. Not the quiet crying, but the sobbing uncontrollably kind of crying. He isn't affected. I asked him what am I supposed to do now? The Zofran isn't working, the phenergan isn't working, and I'm still making a trip to the ER twice a week. His response? "Well I guess you'll be making a lot of trips to the ER for fluids then now wont you?" Yes. I'm serious. That was his response. And at that, still crying my eyes out, he stands up, and walks out the door. I only knew the visit was over because I saw my check out form laying in the chair he had been sitting in.

And so I've spent the better part of the day enjoying what will probably be my last day of not puking 15 times. I've chased my children around the house, found 25 tickle bugs that attacked the boys, and played as many games with them as I could think of.

I have called and made another appointment with the same practice (but a different doctor) hoping they will redeem themselves before I change practices. I will see a doctor on Monday who will hopefully be able to give me a little more hope on the outlook of my HG. I'll keep you posted.

PS. If you live in the North Georgia area and need an AMAZING OBGYN, go see Dr. Bailey. You will not be disappointed. He makes good doctors look bad. Seriously. Go see him. Here is his facebook link, as well as his website. You could even tell him I sent you, he may treat you extra special. :)

(I like to think I'm his favorite patient)

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