Thursday, December 20, 2012

Four Boys...

For the love of all things chocolate please don't let me hear "Four Boys????" again. 
I may burst into a ball of fire if I hear it one more time. 

For those who are obviously popping with questions, let me answer a few. 

Q: "Are you insane?"
A: Possibly. But I'm also insanely blessed.

Q: "How do you do it? I couldn't imagine having four boys."
A: Same way you raise 4 girls, or 2 girls and 2 boys. There is not a different guideline to raising all boys. This is because it's the EXACT same way you raise all children. 

Q: "Are you going to keep having kids until you get a boy?"
A: No. If we have more children it will be just that. We'll have children, not genders. 

Q: "Are you sad you didn't get a girl?"
A: Sometimes. When I see a cute girly dress and hair bow I do get a little sad. But then I see my boys, and how incredible wonderful they are wearing their skull printed shirt with converse shoes and remember they needed me more than I needed a girl. 

Q: "You know, certain positions can improve your chances of having a girl. Have you tried those?" 
(Yes, I get this question) 
A: My sex life is none of your business and NEVER appropriate to ask about. Period.

Q: "Would you have another baby for sure if you knew the next would be a girl"
A: Again, we don't have genders. We have children. So gender of the next child/children would not determine the size of our family. 

Q: "You know your being selfish for having so many kids, right?" 
(Not really a question, more of a really crappy opinion) 
A: Yes, I'm totally selfish. Deciding to have children is probably the LEAST selfish thing you can do as a person. You are taking a life that has always been about YOU and only YOU and filling your home with blessings. These blessings have their needs met first, you will always be last from the moment you give birth/adopt. So to call someone selfish for having children, regardless of how many is absurd. These people who make these types of comments are (in my opinion-which is not crappy) just ignorant people. 

Q: "How do you make each child feel special?"
A: My goal in raising my children is to always make them feel like they are the favorite child. This means figuring out your child's love language and speaking it daily. I take "dates" with my boys. (How can you expect them to know how to treat a lady if you don't teach them??) Doing this allows me special one on one time with each child. But most of the things I do to keep them feeling special are done daily in the little things.

Q: "How do you afford 4 kids?"
A: God has always provided. He has never left me because I "had too many kids". We have learned the hard way that we can't "keep up with the Jones'". We live within our means. We don't have the nicest cars on the road (but we also don't have an ugly car payment). We don't have fancy cell phones, or fancy clothes. We have only what we need (with a few luxuries like cable and internet) 

I could go on and on with the questions we get asked but I've got to get the oldest off the bus so that's all you get for now. I'm sure some narrow-minded people will give me plenty to add soon.