Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holy Flu

Our house has been infected with the flu. 
and another stomach bug. 
and pink eye.

I'm pretty convinced at this point that we are going to have to burn this house down in order to rid the place of germs. 

Two weeks ago Landry and Josh caught the stomach bug. 

Last Sunday was Tripp's 3rd birthday and we were excited about making a Mr. Potato Head cake and spending the day opening gifts and seeing family.  

The flu had other plans.

Zachary started having febrile seizures early afternoon and after a few hours of battling a high fever, we took off to the ER. When we arrived, his fever was 103.8 and he was still having seizures. 

He was tested for strep and the flu. 

Flu came back positive, strep was neg.

So our plans changed a bit. Sunday was spent with Zachary hoarded off to the guest room,
The rest of the week was a doozy.

We battled off and on fevers sometimes reaching as high as 105.3. It was scary.

Friday he still wasn't well, so we went back to the doctors.

As Gilbert luck would have it he had developed a secondary infection.
Upper Respiratory Infection and an ear infection.
Nothing a little antibiotics wont clear up.

We hung around the house Saturday and Sunday just to make sure everyone was well.

Sunday evening Brennon spiked a fever and I knew despite all my efforts, he too had the flu.

The past two days have been spent battling fevers, his also reaching up to 105+.

Under the arm- add a degree making his temp 104.8
I'm trying to keep his asthma under control as best as possible to avoid another 7 day stay in the hospital. Last years flu didn't seem quite as bad as this years so I'm doing everything I can to keep him from getting a secondary infection as well.

I have been infected as well. Thankfully, not with the flu but a messily sinus infection.

Thank The good Lord above for antibiotics!

Praying no one else catches this flu bug. Besides the fact that I hate seeing my children sick, I'm not sure I can take another week or more of this mess.

Word of advice for those of you who haven't caught this bug yet?

Get a bubble to crawl into....

or... at the very least..

Lysol your buggies, or stay at home if possible.

 It's everywhere!!

If you don't believe me, ride by the ER and take a head count of all the people wearing flu masks.

And how to tell the difference in a cold and flu?

Stay Well Guys!!