Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scarf Stealing Family Gathering...

Typical Family Gathering for Christmas...

First, the same person picked the number 1 ticket in the Chinese Gift Exchange for the past 2 years in a row and claimed it was a total coincidence (we all knew better- Her husband was holding the bucket too!). 
This same person stole my scarf. Yes, the most beautiful red crocheted scarf you've ever seen... stolen right out of my hands in front of my entire family. 

It's a shame you can't even trust family members now a days....

I'm totally kidding. Well... sorta. She really did pick the number 1 ticket for the past two years, and her husband really did give her the ticket out of the bucket. And she really did steal my scarf from me. 
But no one was really upset about it. Not enough to dedicate a whole blog about it anyway. ;) 
(But Enid, I better see pictures of you wearing that scarf) 

Trip to Georgia was fun. We stayed for 3 days and was able to see a lot of family while down. 

My mom's Christmas breakfast was changed up a bit but was still a ton of fun!! 
She goes WAY overboard with the gifts, but everyone looks forward to her house.. so I guess whatever she's doing is working.

I'm notorious for getting lost. I'm not sure how but I can get lost going to Wal-Mart. Mom got me the most appropriate gift this year. A GPS. I opened it up immediately and all that was in the box was a suction cup to hold the missing GPS on the windshield. We did some calling around and decided that Josh, myself and the boys would make a trip to Oakwood to exchange it. (Assuming we didn't get lost)
Because of the mishap, Wal-Mart not only gave me a new GPS but they upgraded my missing GPS with a newer model. How sweet is that? Good Job Wal-Mart. You have reinstated my faith in your chain. Sorta.

I forgot my camera. (Loosing things doesn't alway consist of just loosing myself. Sometimes it's other things, like camera, remote, papers, sanity etc.) So I'm having to use other people's pictures during all the festive events. Sorry guys!

My prayer is that my readers had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year full of new and exciting possibilities. I'll leave you with the pictures I was able to steal from my sister.
Mom opening Christian's gift. 2 bottles of her favorite perfume! 

The boys waiting to open presents. 

Sweet Payson

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts.

Playing with Payson!

My sweet Keira! 

Me and Payson playing with mom's "jingle jingle". 

Keira opening her present. 

Eating Paysons chin

Such a sweet girl

LOVE LOVE LOVE being an aunt!!! Of course, these girls make it easy! 
Opening Play-Doh for the girls. :)